Lead Management

We get up to 90% contacting leads.

Based on the classification made by Lead Scoring, the Hotlead technology acts on different leads groups with personalized treatments: Call me Now, I Call Back and Call Routing.

Immediate access for lead treatment


  • Easy implementation.
  • 100% measurable.
  • Increased percentage of contacted prospects.
  • Lower cost Sales Platform.
  • More sales.
  • ROI analysis for sales platform.
Image description: Fast call routing

Call Routing provides access to immediate treatment for your leads. It offers phone numbers to the lead in oder to be contacted by the agent sales platform: contact centers, banks, commercial networks, dealers, brokers, etc.


Out of hours assistance.

If the user calls after hours for the sales platform customer service, the system will program automatically a new contact attempt, warning the lead about the hours of business.

The lead management technology makes possible an inbound monitoring: monitors the origin of each call.



The 3 Keys to lead management: Speed, Process and Persistence. Conversion rates are able to increase up to 391% when the lead is called within one minute of their request.> See more.


Key in your telephone number and we will call you back straight away, free of charge

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