Lead Management

We reduce the cost of capturing leads more than 25%.

Check the buying process in the online channel is possible and necessary. The actions of people "speak" louder than his words, and these actions are often not "agree" (aligned). It is necessary to monitor the response and the users online activity to know when they are ready to move to the "buying" stage.

Walmeric Lead Management optimizes media investment using this information to activate images, content and customized contact options, both in Dynamic landing pages as in sites to attract the maximum number of leads.

Dynamic landing pages
Capture registrations sites, personalized and dynamic.


  • Increase conversions up to 4 times.
  • High qualification of leads captured online.
  • Automatic and personalized treatment, one-to-one, for each lead.
  • Performing Test A/B.
  • Responsive Landing Module for adaptation to all devices: PC, Tablet, Mobile.
  • Custom URLs depending on the different domains.
Dynamic Landing pages are landing pages that are optimized  in order to increase the number of sales conversions.

Tool for generating capture leads sites(landings pages) in a fully dynamic and automated way. Lead Scoring collects information from different media source based on own monitoring codes. The tool uses this information in order to custom settings and the dynamic content on the landing: contacts forms offered to each lead, deals and texts, images ...

Design deveral landing pages that grab the attention of visitors to maximize quality leads  that could be transformed into sales


You can incorporate all landings that you use.

Each landing may have one or more pages. Each campaign can have a different number of landings based on different variables.



Lead Scoring is key in the process of investment in media optimization: "5 steps to improve the Lead Generation ROI" > See more.


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