Lead Management

It is the only solution

  • Quality
    of leads
    8% more leads. More quality leads
  • Contacting 30% more
    useful contacts. More Sales
  • Sales 35%
    more sales.



Delio Lead Management is the complete suite for Online Marketing and Sales that comes up with an answer to the ROPO model.

¿What it is?

The most advanced
solution in
lead management.

¿What does it do?

Automated and

¿What does it get?

It increases final sales,
and improves ROI
without increasing
human resources.

Lead Management

Lead Management


  • Less cost for each lead-generation medium.
  • ROI analysis for each lead-generation medium.
  • Larger number of users contacted by sales platforms.
  • Greater % of users contacted by sales platforms.
  • Lower cost of sales platforms.
  • Larger number of sales.
  • ROI analysis per sales platform.
  • Improvement in overall ROI.
  • Complete 360º traceability.
  • Instant and safe decision-making.
Media Optimization increases que quality and quantity of qualified leads


  • 20 increase in leads captured online.
  • Greater production of highly-qualified leads.
  • 25% decrease in capture costs.
  • Alignment between marketing and sales objectives.
  • All the information needed to activate processing of the most appropriate lead obtained with Hotlead technology.


  • Increase in the percentage of users contacted.
  • Decrease in the abandon rate.
  • Reduction in waiting times and call queues.
  • Out-of-hours customer service.
  • Lower cost of sales platforms.
  • Larger number of sales.
  • ROI analysis per Sales Platform.
Convert more of your prospects into customers
Creating opportunities for relevance and  more personalized customer experiences


  • Creation of personalised, trusting and real-time relations.
  • Ease in file-swapping from any location.
  • Creation, magnification and enhancement of brand image.
  • Increase in value of purchase agreements entered into with leads.
  • Increase in number of sales and reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA).


  • Identification of the sales platforms that function best.
  • Information about the support mediums that generate a greater volume of and better-quality leads.
  • Identification of the status of each lead.
  • Easy and instant safe decision-making.
  • Easily integrable with other analysis tools.
  • 100%-transparent model.
Identify and Profile Qualified Sales Leads of the sales platforms that work best


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