Lead Management

We transform in sales more than 12%
of useful captured records.

Converting leads into sales is the fundamental step in any online marketing capture campaign.

Get the highest possible conversions thanks to Lead Management, technology and methodology for lead qualification.

Retrieves useful leads


  • Increase your sales above 8-10%.
  • Increase the communications opening rate up to 2 times.
  • Improves the actions overall ROI.
  • Increase up to 47% the value of purchase deals closed with your leads
  • Sales increase and lower costs of acquisition (CPA).
From quality leads to quality sales: Inform, educate, involve, validate, convert, Keep alive

70-80% of leads are not ready to buy the first time that interact with a company. Lead Nurturing retrieves the useful unconverted leads from the first attempt to continue treating them.

Multi-channel performance marketing campaigns which they can include emails, phone calls and direct mail


Email, outbound calls, sms…

Lead Nurturing develops a multichannel system of automated actions that emit custom content to retrieve those leads not ready for purchase and reintroduce them into the sales process.


Automated performance Flowchart.

Depending on the performance of each lead received at the first impact, the next level of performance will apply a new impact. The flowchart of Lead Nurturing performance determines the actions and the time between them. Every action is always dependent on the previous one.

Configure your own leads requalification cycle and generates new sales opportunities.



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