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We reduce the cost of capturing leads more than 25%.

Check the buying process in the online channel is possible and necessary. The actions of people "speak" louder than his words, and these actions are often not "agree" (aligned). It is necessary to monitor the response and the users online activity to know when they are ready to move to the "buying" stage.

Walmeric Lead Management optimizes media investment using this information to activate images, content and customized contact options, both in Dynamic landing pages as in sites to attract the maximum number of leads.

Explore your leads interests


  • Knowledge and monitoring of the actions and interests of your leads.
  • Knowing when your are ready to convert leads into sales.
  • Alignment between marketing and sales objectives.
Lead management Lead Scoring tool ranks prospects with a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the advertiser

Through Lead Scoring tool, the Lead Management system monitors the responses of advertising leads with media impacts exposure and the activities performed in the online environment.

Lead Scoring classifies the quality of each lead


Lead Scoring classifies leads.

Giving them a score based on rules and proprietary algorithms, analyzing variables such as keywords (keywords) that the user uses in their search for information, the information stored in your cookies, the pages visited, and length of stay in the site, etc.

Based on the score, Lead Scoring organizes leads in groups. This allows to know and measure the level of interest of the leads at all times and act on them automatically, etc.

Tailor made

Custom capture.

The information obtained with lead scoring allows the automatic generation of capture tools with image, texts, and offers personalized contact options.

Develop a Lead Scoring solid model that classifies your leads, aligning sales and marketing goals, it is the ultimate way to optimize your investments performance in media for lead generation.



Lead Scoring is key in the process of investment in media optimization: "5 steps to improve the Lead Generation ROI" > See more.


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