Lead Management

We transform in sales more than 12% of
captured useful records.

Converting leads into sales is the fundamental step in any online marketing recruitment campaign.

Get the highest possible conversions thanks to Lead Management, technology and methodology for lead qualification.

Instant Sharing


  • Increases user confidence thanks to eye contact with an agent.
  • Increase the level of user satisfaction.
  • Better and more interaction with your users.
  • Create, increase and improve the brand image.
  • Attend the needs of users in real time.
  • Exchange files easily from any physical location.
  • Maximizes sales to conversions on first contact (first shot).
Live Hep Tool helps to build trustworthy relationships between the qualified lead an the sales agent

Live Help Tool is the online tool for instant screen sharing by the commercial agent.

Convert subscribers to Leads creating a trustworthy relationship with the customer


Increased user trust.

The form filling process can generate resistance among users. Be assisted in real time by a person, favors the creation of trust, support directly to make the registration process and removes the users barriers during the sales process form.

Live Help Tool offers 2 types of lead treatments: Click2Video and Co Browsing.

Real time video call

Treatment through the real time video call in order to be able for the agent to guide the user through the registration process. The Walmeric Click2Video offers a perfect synchronization between image and sound. It also has anti-fraud system and IVR filter so that agents only receive video calls useful leads.

Real time video call between the prospect ad the sales agen

Sharing in real time

Treatment through interaction with lead.
Walmeric Co Browsing allows the commercial agent to share in real-time files, browser and video, to the lead, with a perfect synchronization between image and sound, fraud filter system and IVR.

Sharing data between the sales agent and the prospect in real time



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