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We achieve up to 90% lead contacting.

On the basis of the classification made by Lead Scoring, the Hotlead technology acts on the different groups of leads with personalised treatments: Call me Now, Call me Back and Call Routing.



  • 1% increase in users contacted.
  • Decrease in the abandonment rate.
  • Reduction of waiting times and call queues.
  • Service for out of customer service hours.
  • Lower Cost of Sales Platforms
  • Larger number of sales.
  • ROI analysis per Sales Platforms.
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Efficient distribution of leads.

It efficiently transfers leads that show an interest in the product (quality leads) to the appropriate sales platform in each case: contact centres, banks, sales networks, dealers, mediators, etc.


Immediacy in the transfer.

Immediacy in taking action and transferring leads to sales platforms is fundamental for getting them to convert.

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The Hotlead solution has 3 clearly-differentiated phases:

Image description: Authentication, tracking and identification

- Authentication, tracking and identification:

A complete system of security measures comprising cookies management, IPs, telephone number, frequency of use of the services, and dates. The combination of those measures achieves a high degree of security and the efficacy of the Hotlead.

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Following up on the lead:

It achieves immediacy in following up on leads, once they have registered. It guarantees a level of follow up on leads of under 20 seconds, with appropriate processing, with no waiting periods.

Image description: Lead qualification

Lead qualification:

It achieves the maximum contacting percentage and verifies the lead’s interest in the capture campaign, or in the request for service if they are already a customer.

The Hotlead tool offers different functionalities: Out-of-hours, call Re-targeting and IVR.

Image description: Out of Hours

Out of Hours

It continues to capture leads when the Contact Centre is out of working hours.Hotlead programmes calls automatically in customer service hours, letting your leads know when they can be attended to.

Image description: Retrieve calls

Call re-targeting

It converts leads that register their telephone number and fail to pick up the phone the first time you call them back. It programmes, for each campaign, the number of times and frequency with which an attempt was made to contact the leads.

Image description: IVR


It defines the personalised messages and decision tree for each working group, according to where the request came from. It achieves the interaction of your leads.

Tools for

Tools for

The 3 Keys for managing the lead: Speed, Process and Persistence. Conversion rates have the ability to increase by as much as 391% when the lead is called before one minute has elapsed since their request. > View more.

Immediate lead processing


  • Implementation and simple useability.
  • Immediate contacting.
  • Increases conversions to sales.
  • 100%-measurable results.
Image description: Lead Immediate treatment

Personalised Call me Now processing offers your leads immediate contacting over the phone.

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Immediate contact by telephone.

When a user registers his/her telephone number in a capture form, the Lead Management Lead Management technology contacts him/her immediately to transfer him/her to the sales platform: contact centres, banks, commercial networks, dealers, mediators, etc.

Programmed lead-processing


  • Larger % of users contacted.
  • Reduction in waiting times and calls queue.
  • Programmed follow-up of your leads.
  • Service for out of customer hours
  • Lower Cost of Sales Platforms.
  • Larger number of sales.
  • ROI analysis by Sales Platforms.
Call me back is a scheduled response to the resgistered leads

The Call me Back by Hotlead is a programmed contacting on the lead.


Programmed contacting.

When users provide their telephone number, Lead Management technology programmes their contacting, transfering them to the sales platform: contact centres, banks, commercial networks, dealers, mediators, etc.

Image description: Call me back Response

Access to immediate processing for the lead


  • Easy implementation.
  • 100% measurable.
  • Larger percentage of users contacted.
  • Lower cost per Sales Platform.
  • Larger number of sales.
  • ROI analysis per Sales Platform.
Image description: Call routing benefits are Easy implementation, More sales, Increase the percentage of contacted propects

Call Routing gives your leads access to immediate processing. It provides telephone numbers for the lead to contact a sales representative from the sales platform: contact centres, banks, commercial networks, dealers, mediators, etc.


After Hours Customer Care.

If the user calls after customer care hours for sales platform, the system program automatically a new contact attempt, warning the lead about the customer care timetable.

The lead management technology makes possible an inbound monitoring: monitors the origin of each call.


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