Lead Management

We reduce the lead-capture cost 25%.

The purchase process can and must be controlled on the online channel. People’s actions “speak” louder than words and the two are not usually “in sync” (aligned). User response and online activity have to be monitored to gauge when they are ready to move on to the “purchase” stage.

Walmeric Lead Management optimises investment in mediums using that information to activate images, content and personalised contact options, both on dynamic landing pages and on sites, to capture the maximum number of leads.

Optimisation of mediums


  • 20% increase in leads captured online.
  • Greater production of highly-qualified leads.
  • 25% decrease in capture costs.
  • Alignment between marketing and sales objectives.
  • All the information needed to activate the most appropriate lead processing obtained with Hotlead technology.
Media Optimization increase the number an quality of the registered leads

for optimising

Tools for

Lead Scoring key in the process of Optimising the investment in means: 5 steps for improving the ROI of Lead Generation”. > View more.

Know your leads’ interests.


  • Knowledge and monitoring of your leads’ actions and interests.
  • Knowing when your leads are ready to convert into sales.
  • Alignment between marketing and sales objectives.
Lead management Lead Scoring tool ranks prospects with a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the advertiser

Via the Delio Lead Scoring tool, the Lead Management system monitors leads’ responses to advertising hits and the activity they engage in, in the online environment.

Lead Scoring classifies the quality of each lead


Lead Scoring classifies leads.

Giving them a score on the basis of own rules and algorithms, analysing variables such as: key words used by users in their search for information; the information stored in their cookies; the pages they have visited and how long they lingered at the site, etc.

According to the score obtained, Lead Scoring organises the leads in groups. This makes it possible to establish and measure the degree of interest that the leads have at each given time and to act on them in an automated way, etc.

Tailor made

Personalised capture.

The information obtained with lead scoring enables automatic generation of capture tools with image, texts, offers and personalised contact options.

Developing a solid Lead Scoring model that classifies your leads, aligning marketing and sales objectives, is the definitive way to optimise the yield of your investments in lead-generation mediums.

Dynamic Landing Pages
Personalised and dynamic capture sites


  • Increases conversions as much as fourfold.
  • Maximum qualification of leads captured online.
  • Automatic and personalised one-to-one processing of each lead.
  • A/B Test conducted.
  • Responsive Landing module for adaptation to all devices: PC, Tablet, Mobile phone.
  • URLs personalised according to the different domains.
Dynamic Landing pages are landing pages that are optimized  in order to increase the number of sales conversions.

Tool for generating capture sites (landings) totally dynamically and automatedly. Lead Scoring gathers information from the different sources on the basis of own monitoring codes. The tool uses this information for the personalised and dynamic configuration of the content of the landing: forms of contacting offered to the lead, offers and texts, images…

Design deveral landing pages that grab the attention of visitors to maximize quality leads  that could be transformed into sales


You can incorporate all the landings you use.

Each landing may have one or several pages. Each campaign may include a different number of landings according to different variables.

Optimising the capture


  • Increases %-contacting on your corporate or e-commerce web page.
  • Enhances the user experience with an immediate, personalised and quality customer service.
  • Maximises your conversions to sales.
  • Configurable according to the behaviour of the lead, or other events.
Smart access is a hot Hot button that  is  the basis for all four elements (Interrupt + Engage + Educate + Offer ) of the equation that get qualified leads

The Smart Access tool optimises conversion on your web page, offering users a simple, non-intrusive and easy-to-find access route. It consists of a smart button that appears on the site when the user is browsing, offering different contacting routes: Forms, Click2Video, VideoChat…


Rapid, personalised contacting.

During the purchase process, users lean, at some stage, on the corporate site, so it is crucial to make quick, personalised contact options available to them.

Quick and customized ways of contact with the prospects.
Improving user experience throught convenience


Enhances the user experience.

With the Smart Access tool, you can provide a human, quality customer service, enhancing the user experience and increasing the sales conversion rate, transferring leads that are interested in buying to the sale process.

Optimising Mobile Marketing actions


  • Real-time and totally transparent call tracking and analysis.
  • Improves the ROI of your mobile marketing campaigns.
  • Tracking & control of the ID of the member until the call comes to an end.
  • Easy to implement.
  • 100%-integrable with other analysis and measurement platforms.
Lead Management Ring Pool tool  uses a group of phone numbers in order  to associate calls with the parameters an advertiser wants to track.

Optimise your Mobile Performance Marketing actions with the Ring Pool tool, a platform for automatically and dynamically assigning telephone numbers on the basis of single clicks. Optimise Display, e-Mailing and SEM mobile marketing actions.


Total and real-time measurement.

Ring Pool makes it possible to offer local and international numbers and makes a real-time and totally transparent analysis of mobile calls. Ring Pool is 100%-integrable with other analysis and measurement platforms.

End to end tracking solution for performance campaings
Increase the quality and quantity of Your leads and transform then to sales


Total control of global measurement.

43% of search conversions take place from a mobile device. That’s why it’s necessary to optimise Performance Marketing actions in these devices and have control of the global measurement, from the first click to conversion to sale.


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