Lead Management

We transform more than 12% of useful
registrations captured into sales.

The conversion of leads into sales is a fundamental step in any online marketing capture campaign.

It achieves the maximum of conversions thanks to the Lead Management leads-qualification technology and methodology.



  • Creation of personalised, trusting and real-time relations.
  • Ease of exchanging files from any location.
  • Creation, increase and enhancement of the brand image.
  • Increase of up to 47% in the value of purchase agreements entered into with the leads.
  • Increase in the number of sales and reduction of the acquisition cost (CPA).
Build a trustworthy reputation with  customers understanding the reasons why they should trust our brand
The proper assintance of the lead during the registration process multiplies the number of opportunities to close a sale


Guide during the sign-up process.

The Lead Management suite offers different tools to guide users during the sign-up process and to provide them with the path to taking a decision to purchase or sign up for the product.


Better interaction with the lead.

Lead Management not only qualifies leads before they are distributed by an inbound call to the sales platforms but also optimises the transformation process, offering the sales platforms tools that enhance interaction with the lead.

Moreover, if the transformation to sale is not achieved with that first contact, the suite continues to manage the negative useful leads, i.e. the quality leads.

Tools for
optimising the

Tools of
optimising the

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Instant Sharing


  • It increases user trust thanks to visual contact with a sales representative.
  • Increases the degree of user satisfaction.
  • Better and greater interaction with your users.
  • Creation of, increase in and enhancement of the brand image.
  • It exchanges files easily and from any physical location.
  • Maximises conversions to sales at first contact (first shot).
Live Hep Tool helps to build trustworthy relationships between the qualified lead an the sales agent

Live Help Tool is the online tool for the sales representative to share the screen instantly.

Convert subscribers to Leads creating a trustworthy relationship with the customer


Increase in user trust

The process of filling out a form may create resistance among users. Being helped by someone, in real time, helps create trust, directly helps to perform the registration process and eliminates users’ barriers in the sales process.

Live Help Tool offers 2 sorts of lead processing: Click2Video y Co Browsing.

Video call in real time

Processing through the video call in real time for the sales representative to guide the user in the registration process. The Walmeric Click2video offers perfect synchronisation between image and sound. It also has an anti-fraud system and an IVR filter so that the video sales representatives only receive calls from useful leads.

Real time video call between the prospect ad the sales agen

Sharing in real time

Treatment through interaction with the lead.
Walmeric Co-Browsing allows real-time file-, browser- and video-sharing, by the sales representative with the lead, with perfect synchronisation between image and sound, an anti-fraud system and an IVR filter.

Sharing data between the sales agent and the prospect in real time

Recuperates useful leads


  • Increases your sales by over 8-10%.
  • Increases twofold the opening rate of your communications.
  • Improves the total ROI of actions.
  • Increases by as much as 47% the value of the purchase deals closed with your leads.
  • Increase in sales and reduction in acquisition costs (CPA).
From quality leads to quality sales: Inform, educate, involve, validate, convert, Keep alive

70-80% of leads are not ready to buy when they interact for the first time with a company. Lead Nurturing retrieves the unconverted but useful leads in a first attempt to continue treating them over next attempts.

Multi-channel performance marketing campaigns which they can include emails, phone calls and direct mail


Email, outbound calls, sms…

Lead Nurturing develops a multichannel system of automated actions which emit personalized content to retrieve those leads not ready for buying and reintroduce them into the sales process.


Flowchart of automated performance.

Depending on the performance of each lead at the first received impact, on the next level of performance will apply a new impact. The performance Lead Nurturing flowchart determines the actions and the time between them. Every action is always dependent on the previous one

Configure your own leads requalification cycle and generates new sales opportunities


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