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We reduce the cost of capturing leads more than 25%.

Check the buying process in the online channel is possible and necessary. The actions of people "speak" louder than his words, and these actions are often not "agree" (aligned). It is necessary to monitor the response and the users online activity to know when they are ready to move to the "buying" stage.

Walmeric Lead Management optimizes media investment using this information to activate images, content and customized contact options, both in Dynamic landing pages as in sites to attract the maximum number of leads.

Capture optimization


  • Increase the prospects percentage in your corporate or e-commerce website .
  • Improve user experience with an immediate, personalized and quality care.
  • Maximize your conversions to sales.
Smart access is a hot Hot button that  is  the basis for all four elements (Interrupt + Engage + Educate + Offer ) of the equation that get qualified leads

The Smart Access tool optimizes the conversion rate in your page, providing a simple access way, non-intrusive and easy to find for users. It is a smart button that appears on the site when the user is browsing, offering different routes for contact: Forms, Click2Video, VideoChat ...


Quick and personalized prospecting.

During the purchase process, users rely at some point on the corporate site, so it is imperative to make available options for quick and personalized contact.

Quick and customized ways of contact with the prospects.
Improving user experience throught convenience


Improved user experience.

With Smart Access tool, you can provide a quality and human customer care service, improving the user experience and increasing conversion rate sales, bringing the leads with buying interest to the sales process.



Lead Scoring is key in the process of investment in media optimization: "5 steps to improve the Lead Generation ROI" > See more.


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