Lead Management

We manage more than 2 million leads every year,
with a 100% transparent model.

Lead Management lets see the campaign performance in a single and centralized web-based tool, with complete transparency and visibility of what is going on in the sales cycle of each lead in real-time.

End-to-end traceability


  • Identification of the sales platforms that work best.
  • Information on media that generate more volume and better quality leads.
  • Status identification of each lead.
  • Taking safe choices, easily and instantly.
  • Easily integrated with other analysis tools.
  • Model 100% transparent.
Trust View provides the Information on media that generate more volume and better quality leads.

Through Trustview online tool, unique and pioneering in the market, the suite allows Lead Management analysis and monitoring, from the first click the user makes an impact on online marketing media(banner, email, Adwords ads, etc. ) until processing into sales platforms.


Investments control.

With Trust View you can have a complete view of the performance of your investments and the effectiveness of your actions for real time decision making.

a real time complete view of marketings campaigns  performance
provides real-time detailed information and traceability


100% transparent.

This tool provides detailed information in real-time, achieving traceability between media that generate leads and sales platforms. It is 100% customizable and integrated with other analysis tools.



Gartner 2013 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform. Since 2012 business intelligence and data architecture is one of the dominant themes in the market. The measurement of activity in real time and the analysis that allow profit forecasts take great relevance. > See more.


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