Cookies Policy

Access and navigation through the web page accessible through the URL (hereinafter, Walmeric or the Website, indistinctly), owned by Walmeric Soluciones, SL, NIF B85144350 and address Calle Cardenal Marcelo Spínola, 42, 10 planta, 28016 – Madrid, España, (hereinafter, Walmeric or the Owner, indistinctly), assumes the use and download of own and third party cookies on the terminal equipment (computer, tablet, smartphone …) with which Access and browse the Website, in order to allow and optimize navigation through it, as well as analyze some behaviors during browsing, anonymously, and for the sole purpose of improving your experience on the Website.

We encourage you to read this Cookies Policy carefully so that you can learn more about the use of this technology by Walmeric.


1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are received in the terminal from the visited Website and are used to record certain interactions of the navigation on a Website, storing data that can be updated and recovered. These files are stored on the user’s computer and contain anonymous data that is not harmful to your computer. They are used to remember the user’s preferences, such as the selected language, access data or personalization of the page.

Cookies may also be used to record anonymous information about how a visitor uses a Site. For example, from which Web page you have accessed, or if you have used an advertising “banner” to arrive.


2. Consent

When accessing the Walmeric Website, certain information will be offered about the use of this technology through the device or terminal equipment used, and we will ask you to grant us your consent to do so. You have to bear in mind that some cookies may be necessary for the operation of the Website and, if you deny this consent, access to it may be impeded.

At any time you can withdraw your consent to the use of this technology through the functions of your browser, deactivating cookies or blocking the possibility of downloading them on your device or device. See section “4. How to change the configuration of cookies “of this Cookies Policy to obtain more information about it.

3. Cookies used in Walmeric

Walmeric uses strictly necessary and essential cookies to optimize the user’s experience on the Website, using secure areas, personalized options, etc. Likewise, Walmeric uses cookies that collect data related to the analysis of use of the Web, in order to improve the service for the user, measuring the use and performance of the page.

The Website also contains links to social networks (such as Facebook or Instagram) .Walmeric does not control the cookies used by these external Websites. However, for more information about cookies from social networks or other third-party websites, the user can go directly to their own cookie policies.

Specifically and according to its purpose, Walmeric uses the following types of cookies on the Website:


Personalization cookies

They allow the user to adapt the Walmeric Website to some general pre-established characteristics such as the language, the browser used or the region from which it is accessed.


Technical cookies

Serve the task of providing fluency and convenience while browsing the page, as well as ensuring the proper functioning of the Website and provide it with security. For example, those that are used for the maintenance of the session, the management of response time, performance or validation of options, etc.


Analysis cookies

They allow obtaining information oriented to the statistical analysis of the use that users make of the page. Thus, they allow to know the preferences of the users in order to improve the offer of services. For example, analyzing the search terms used by users to reach the page or studying the geographical area to which most users belong.


Advertising cookies

These are used to manage the advertising spaces in Delio so that each User is offered advertising content in accordance with the content of the page and the frequency of the advertisements.


Behavioral advertising cookies

Allow the management of the advertising spaces on the page so that each user is offered advertising content according to their browsing habits and preferences.

Below is a list that groups the cookies used in Walmeric, at the time of this report, indicating the type, origin, purpose, as well as a link so that the user can access the Cookies Policies of the different websites of provenance.


Owned Cookies
AnálisisWalmericVolumen total, primera visita, visita anterior, visita actual, url referida y actual, Información del dispositivo, utms y otros valores.Permite identificar al visitante para medir la trazabilidad de todas sus visitas.Click
3th Party Cookies
(la información recogida a continuación ha sido facilitada por esos terceros)
De personalizaciónGoogle.LLCIdentificación de usuario Google y preferencias de navegaciónMemorizar y mostrar al usuario el sitio web según las preferencias seleccionadas por ésteClic
AnálisisGoogle Analytics (Google.LLC)Identificación de usuario, inicio y terminación de la sesión, cálculo de permanencia en sitio web, frecuencia de visita, localización, navegación por sitio web, URL procedencia de los visitantes, medición de recogida de datos de visitantePermite a Google Analytics obtener estadísticas de hábitos de visita y navegación por el sitio web, conocer las preferencias del usuario en cuanto a opciones variables y adaptar la navegación del usuario, hacer sugerencias de navegación conforme a sus preferencias Clic

(Trueffect, inc.)

Identificación del usuario, identificación dispositivo de acceso y enlace de la actividad del usuario.Sirve para registrar los pixeles de la página y situar anuncios y banners.Clic
Publicidad comportamentalDoubleClick


Identificación del usuario, identificación dispositivo de acceso y enlace de la actividad del usuario, regiónSirve para gestionar la publicidad que se muestra al usuario, dependiendo de su información, preferencias, reacciones e interacción en los distintos dispositivos de acceso, medición de efectividad de campaña publicitariaClic

In this way, where the name of the originating company is cited, a link to that website must be inserted. The text “Clic” must contain a link that leads to the Cookies Policy of the websites where the cookies came from.

In addition to cookies, both we and the companies listed above can use “tracking pixels” (also known as web beacons or pixel tags). These are small transparent images that are integrated into the Website itself (and therefore, are not stored on your computer), and that allow us to verify aspects such as the number of visitors to a specific page or the technical configuration of the browser of the websites. users who access it. The purposes for which they are used are analogous to those described in the previous table.


4. How to change the configuration of cookies

At any time you can withdraw your consent to the use of cookies by deactivating or blocking your download through specific functions of the browser that you use.

Keep in mind that if you reject or delete cookies from browsing the Web Walmeric, we can not maintain your preferences, some features of the pages will not be operational, we can not offer personalized services and every time you go to browse our website we will have to request again your authorization for the use of cookies.

If still, you decide to modify the configuration of your access to the Web page, we provide below a list of instructions and links on the steps to follow for the activation, deactivation, deletion and management of cookies depending on each browser:

  • Apple Safari With Safari open, press Safari> Preferences …> Privacy and select “Always block”, “Allow from the sites I visit” or “Always allow”. For more information: link
  • Google Chrome With Google Chrome open, click on the Chrome menu icon <Settings <Show advanced options … <Privacy <Content settings … <Cookies and configure it, according to your preferences. For more information: link
  • Internet Explorer 11 Click on the Internet Explorer icon in the taskbar <Tools <Internet Options <Privacy and customize the configuration of cookies according to preferences. For more information: link
  • Mozilla Firefox With Firefox open, press the Menu button <Preferences <Privacy and customize the cookie settings according to your preferences. For more information: link
  • Opera With Open Opera, press Settings <Options <Advanced <Cookies and customize the configuration of cookies according to your preferences. For more information: link
  • Safari for iOS 8 Press Settings> Safari> Block cookies and select “Always allow”, “Allow from the sites I visit”, “Allow only from current websites” or “Always block”. For more information: link
  • Chrome for Android and iOS With Google Chrome open, click on the Chrome menu icon <Settings <Show advanced options … <Privacy <Content settings … <Cookies and configure it according to your preferences. For more information: link
  • Internet Explorer Mobile With Internet Explorer Mobile open, press More <Settings and customize the cookie settings according to your preferences. For more information: link

These browsers are subject to updates or modifications, so if the information or previous links were outdated, or if your browser is not on this list (Konqueror, Arora, Flock, etc). or if you do not find a way to manage cookies, check with the official website or contact us through the email address so we can try to help you.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to Walmeric via email or by postal mail to Calle Cardenal Marcelo Spínola, 42, 10º, 28016 – Madrid.