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Walmeric, technology focused on business results

In 2007, two engineers met in a garage in Alpedrete, Madrid to brainstorm the best way to deliver technological solutions that create value in the assisted sales channel. They continuously evolved and strove for excellence, which helped them to grow year after year. They kept incorporating new talent until their small team became the team, with more than 50 employees, that it is today.

After years of working with clients and applied technological solutions in different industries all over the world, we have become experts at identifying new business opportunities and implementing scalable solutions that optimize marketing investment and improve results.

In Walmeric, we started by creating technological solutions that enabled companies to optimize and improve results in specific areas of the sales funnel. Today, we are experts in all points of the funnel and help our customers put all the pieces of the puzzle together to improve sales capabilities and efficiencies from start to finish.

We are pioneers in understanding the art of conversion—from start to finish.

More than 62.4M managed leads and 29.9M conversions in 2020 demonstrate that we know the sales funnel to perfection. We offer our clients innovative solutions and information sources that enable better business decisions in a global context. We are the first company to cover the sales funnel end-to-end, from initial contact to sale.

Commitment to profitability, efficiency, and scalability

We want to help companies take advantage of the opportunities provided by the current structural industry change that is being driven by technology. We are committed to providing a laser focus on profitability, efficiency, and scalability in the Lead to Revenue Management category.

Walmeric fosters technology with business impact through constant innovation applied to each part of the customer journey towards conversion.

We understand the market

Based on our experience, we understand the challenges of the market perfectly. Our thorough understanding of the business, together with technological development and a unique operating model helps us take our clients’ objectives to the next level.

Manage, strengthen, and centralize—that is our added-value.

Our main goal is to maximize the potential of business intelligence. We improve integrated contact management, enrich information to increase conversions, and guarantee efficiency thanks to a centralized process.

How do we do it?

By creating a funnel of independent, compatible solutions that are constantly under development–technological innovation is in our DNA. In addition, we analyze the specific needs of specific sectors and types of companies. Most importantly, we optimize activity in real-time so that the customer’s business runs like clockwork, and we continuously create value.


We are constantly working on developing new solutions that support value creation for the client. Technological innovation is the key to our commitment to continuous improvement.

Information Security

Business success in our connected world demands the protection of ever-increasing volumes of information. Our approach for securing information provides a competitive advantage and protects services leadership.

Information security at our company ensures that all types of information are protected from unauthorized access or modification, handled according to sensitivity levels, and available when needed.


In recognition of our commitment to information security, Walmeric has received ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification.

Now that we’ve told you how, are you ready to maximize the potential of your business intelligence?

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