2020 trends for assisted sales and customer service in digital transformation

Improvements in commercial agents performance and productivity is related to the inclusion of new technologies and management tools that reinforce assisted sales and customer service comapanies’ strategies.

2020 is, undeniably, the year of the digital transformation for this kind of companies.

Benefits related to digital innovation

Every company that practices assisted sales is aware of the benefits of innovating within their strategies and the way they communicate with their clients.

Due to the results obtained, every day new companies are more receptive to join the era of digital transformation.

Digitalization in Call Centers has allowed reducing the difficulties commercial agents face when trying to close sales within a short period of time.

When closing a sale becomes easier for commercial agents, the volume of sales increases, reducing the investment allocated to close each of them.

Consequently, there is an exponential ROI optimization.

When commercial agents’ sales processes are easier, productivity increases. Also, along with it, the volume of users who have been attended in a shorter amount of time.

Therefore, by reducing waiting time, the user experience improves. Also, it is possible to personalize the treatment given to each user according to their needs, as well as reducing the investment allocated to the sales process.

Which strategies do assisted sales and customer service companies to choose?

Cognitive attention, plus Artificial Intelligence, and omnichannel services are the winning strategies in 2020.

Cognitive attention with AI

The development of cognitive services has boosted the value of Artificial Intelligence. Marketing and sales leaders know it and are planning to apply it to their strategies.

Cognitive attention with Artificial Intelligence

Why is that? It looks like, every day more and more, consumers demand an efficient, personalized, and quick treatment, but, above all, human.

Users do not like talking to machines. This is why they prefer to have a conversation with a person, someone able to comprehend their point of view.

How do we manage to make Artificial Intelligence more human? With cognitive processes, solutions focused on contextual human interaction.

Therefore, in 2020 the focus will be on replicating human cognition in quotidian interaction spheres.

But, also, in listening, processing language to create more natural and contextualized messages and understand feelings and emotions in order to adapt the treatment given to each user.

Omnichannel services

Nowadays, users demand diverse options and contact channels, pushing companies to maintain omnichannel strategies and consistency in their messages.

Diverse contact means

The current technology allows obtaining efficient and optimized sales monitoring.

Due to the implementation of omnichannel services, commercial agents will be able to recover conversations maintained with users in previous interactions, in any contact mean.

In this way, users do not have to repeat their intentions or needs each time they talk with someone different from the same company.

In 2020, companies foresee incorporating cognitive attention with AI and omnichannel services into their sales strategies. This will help to avoid users’ typical frustrations.

Talking without been comprehended and having to repeat their intentions reiteratedly will be soon eradicated.

2020 trends in assisted sales and customer service have the focus on improving sales processes and user experience, in order to increase sales and reduce costs.

Have you thought of applying cognitive AI and omnichannel strategies to your company? With over a decade of experience, Walmeric can help you achieve your goals.

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