30 stats you should know about Lead to Revenue Management

The universe of Lead to Revenue Management is continuously evolving and changing. New techniques and technological solutions appear everyday and make of lead management to increase conversion a less complex task that offers better results.

It is crucial to be up to date on those trends that could favor growth for your company and know how they could be applied. Mainly, because, the last thing you want is to remain behind while your competitors are on the right page.

If you are interested in automation, Lead Scoring, Lead Routing, Lead Nurturing, attribution or analysis, we have gathered a series of stats that will help you to find the best way to improve your marketing and sales processes, leads experience and conversions.



1. 75% of marketing professionals use, at least, one automation tool (Social Media Today, State of Marketing Automation Survey Report). Tweet this

2. 77% of marketing professionals, that use any automation software, convert a higher volume of leads (APSIS). Tweet this

3. 78% of marketers consider marketing automation tools as their primary revenue contributor driver (Lenskold Group and Pedowitz Group). Tweet this

4. Organizations that use marketing automation with prospects, experience a 451% increase in qualified leads (Carlos Hidalgo, ANNUITAS group). Tweet this

5. Omnichannel marketing automation can produce 250% higher purchase and engagement rates than single-channel marketing automation (instapage). Tweet this

6. 40% of productivity is lost to multitasking and task-switching (instapage). Tweet this

Lead Scoring

7. 79% of B2B marketers have not established Lead Scoring (Marketing Sherpa). Tweet this

8. 68% of marketing professionals choose Lead Scoring when they are asked about their primary revenue contributor (Lenskold Group and Pedowitz Group). Tweet this

9. 38% of businesses experience higher lead to opportunity conversion rates thanks to lead scoring (Lenskold Group and Pedowitz Group). Tweet this

10. Lead scoring experience a 77% increase in lead generation ROI (Marketing Sherpa). Tweet this

Lead Routing

11. Only 56% of B2B companies check valid leads before passing them to sales dept (Marketing Sherpa). Tweet this

12. 47% of 9.538 companies using a Lead Routing solution that received a test lead did not attempt to contact them (Telfer School of Management). Tweet this

13. Sales reps using a Lead Routing solution on average make 24 calls per hour (Telfer School of Management). Tweet this

14. By using Lead Routing, 29% of leads answer a call within the first 5 minutes (Telfer School of Management). Tweet this

15. 55% of leads that come from contact forms are not qualified to sale, this is why is so important to qualify leads before passing them to a Call center or commercial team (Antonio Fernández, CEO at Walmeric). Tweet this

16. If the optimal commercial agent responds a lead on an appropriate manner within the first five minutes of showing interest: there is a probability 10x more of successfully contacting that lead and 6x more possibilities to qualify it (James Oldroyd, PhD Professor at MIT). Tweet this

Lead Nurturing

17. Companies that do well at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost (99 firms). Tweet this

18. 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of Lead Nurturing is the main cause for this (Marketing Sherpa). Tweet this

19. 48% of businesses say most of their leads require a long cycle of nurturing (99 firms). Tweet this

20. . Lead Nurturing emails get as much as 4-10 times the response rate compared to standalone emails (DemandGen Report). Tweet this

21. Nurtured leads produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities (DemandGen Report). Tweet this

22. Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads (Online Marketing Institute). Tweet this


23. 59% of companies say data collection and centralization is their biggest challenge (Netimperative). Tweet this

24. 26% of marketers say the reason for choosing their current attribution model is accurately giving revenue credit to marketing (Bizible). Tweet this

25. 34% of marketing professionals say having the right technologies for data collection and analysis has the greatest impact on ability to understand the customer (Econsultancy). Tweet this

26. 74% of marketers say matching customers across multiple devices is important to grow but only 14% has a strong capability to do so (Econsultancy). Tweet this

27. 67% of shoppers regularly use more than one channel to make purchases (Modern Marketing Blog). Tweet this


28. About 3 out of every 4 marketing leaders (76%) base decisions on data analytics (Gartner). Tweet this

29. . 74% of marketers can’t measure or report how their efforts impact their business (Itsma / Vision Edge Marketing). Tweet this

30. 25% of marketers don’t have any idea of their conversion rates (Holger Schulze, B2B Technology Marketing Community). Tweet this

To be up to date on those trends, processes and Lead to Revenue Management technologies that better adapt to your business needs is vital to understand how the market develops and evolves.

Regardless of your area of interest, discovering the the last stats related to lead acquisition, management and analysis strategies is the perfect way to ensure that your marketing and sales actions are relevant to your company.

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