3 techniques to attract quality leads to your landing page

técnicas para conseguir leads de calidad en tu landing page

When starting a sales campaign, one of the most important points is to define what a qualified lead would be. These will define the success or failure of the campaign, since this time more than ever, quality outweighs quantity. This quality, together with a sales team focused on contacting interested users as soon as possible, will exponentially increase the possibility of converting to a sale in the shortest possible time.

How do you know when a lead is qualified?

There are many criteria that define this and it will depend on the sales and/or marketing area that activates the campaign, but generally we can recognize a qualified lead with the following points:

  • Matches the characteristics of your Buyer Persona.
  • Knows the brand and has interacted with it through its website or social media.
  • Has shown interest in any of the services and/or products.
  • Meets the necessary conditions to buy and is in the consideration phase wanting to make a purchase after evaluating several options.

Undoubtedly, each company will have to define its criteria, since, for example, working with B2B segments is not the same as working with B2C. Each will have different journeys, materials and, above all, different decision times. But within B2C there are also possible definitions of qualification: A qualified lead for a dental clinic will probably be one who schedules an appointment (which implies geographic segmentation, interest, availability…), having been attracted by a landing page where he will have left his contact details.

What are the techniques to obtain qualified leads?

  1. Use specific keywords, those that are too generic will not achieve good positioning and will generate few clicks.
  2. Use forms with filters, for example if you are only interested in having company emails, put a filter that accepts only this type of emails.
  3. Deliver quality content: these are known as lead magnets whose objective is to deliver useful information to your customers.

After having qualified your leads and achieved certain conversions to sales, it is important to analyze them throughout the sales process. In Global ROI Hub we do it through lead scoring, with this automated system it is possible to assign points to each lead when they interact with a company’s content and delivers new data that identify or not with the Buyer Persona.

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Originally published in our Global ROI Hub (GRH) newsletter. 

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