4 essential practices to improve conversion rate

Opening an online business offers a lot of advantages; higher visibility, and geographic and time flexibility among others. However, everything is not as good as it seems because there is no success guarantee. Nothing but constant measuring and web conversion rate (achieved goals vs total visitors) optimization bring advantages in the presence of competitors.

Moreover, getting an ROI improvement when optimizing business procedures is something not to be missed.

Attending to how important is to optimize ROI, or Return On Investment, here you have essential practices to achieve it:

1. Define your leads labeled strategy

It is key to give leads labeled the importance it deserves. A properly labeled strategy helps to improve user experience and facilitates audience segmentation.

Leads information gathered in labels permits to personalize and contextualize sales speech, improving user experience. A proper audience segmentation reaches those leads interested in the product or service that is being offered.

2. Complement your strategy with Lead Nurturing

Following a Lead Nurturing strategy allows managing your leads in a personalized way, according to the individual needs of each of them. Direct different actions to leads, according to their situation, contributes to a conversion increase.

3. High quality leads filtering through artificial intelligence

One of the core ideas of sales and marketing is to optimize resources, time is one of them. When time and effort are dedicated to low-quality leads qualification, conversion rates drop.

Automating certain actions to leads with bots and artificial intelligence saves a lot of time for sales agents. It is not the same to manage leads who were previously filtered attending at their interest than to deal with leads without knowing if they have a real interest in our product or service.

4. Organize your leads attending to Lead Scoring

Following the previous section, once all leads have been filtered by their interest, it is relevant to organize them according to their scoring. Lead Scoring, gathers series of labels from each lead, helping to predict each lead conversion probability.

Taking into account the lead scoring percentage, it is easier to organize leads by priority, avoiding high conversion probability leads to get cold.

Companies are conscious of the real necessity of being adapted to the digital world, but also of the importance of optimizing processes to get a reward that goes over the invested quantity.

Has your company considered taking on some of the practices previously mentioned? If the answer is yes, your company is getting closer to adapt to this new paradigm and to the business needs that arose from the digital evolution.

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