4 steps to convert your phone leads into sales

One of the main challenges of an assisted sales company is to convert phone leads into sales. Taking into account the vast quantity of available options consumers have, everyday is more complex not just to atract leads, but to convert them.

Consumers trends in online research involve to select a variety of options. Around a 70% of consumers conduct from 2 to 3 new researches in Google during their investigation looking for different options. Tweet this

This is why, it is vital to act before your competitors and on the most efficient way. How to achieve that?

1. Open new contact channels

There are many reasons why your leads prefer to purchase over the phone: the product or service they are interested in is very complex, there are terms and conditions they don’t fully comprehend, their acquisition means to have a contractual relationship and, therefore, they prefer to talk to an especialized agent, etc.

However, it doesn’t mean that they will be willing to call once they land on your website. Offering to your leads an omnichannel experience to, through diverse origin channels, be able to get in touch with your company, will increase customer retention by a 90%. Tweet this

Which are the available channels to generate phone leads? Ringpool, Call Me Back, Chat o chatbot, Whatsapp and Google Lead Form.

With the opening of new channels towards the phone contact, you will increase your leads volume. But, how to understand your leads quality to convert as many as possible?

2. Prioritize your leads by conversion probability

Not all leads that want to get in touch with your company have the same interest; some of them would be decided to purchase while some others would want just information. With the objective of avoiding those leads with higher purchase intention to lose interest, it is important not to dilate in assisting them.

Lead Scoring permits to prioritize leads treatment according to conversion probability. In this way, those leads with higher purchase intention would be assisted prior to those with lower purchase intention.

Taking into account your leads quality and giving priority to assist the most valuable ones, conversion rate grows. Moreover, a 68% of marketing professionals choose Lead Scoring when refering to their main revenue contributor. Tweet this

Knowing which are those with higher purchase probability, how do we maximize their conversion?

3. Conect your leads with the ideal commercial agent

Not all leads will want to obtain the same from your company, and, not on the same way. This is why it is relevant to assist your leads like they wish, according to their needs and interests.

Adding Match 360 to your sales process, you will be able to assign each of your leads to the most prepared commercial agent to assist them in their individual situation. Moreover, if the optimal commercial agent responds a lead on an appropriate manner within the first five minutes of showing interest: there are 10x more probabilities of successfully contacting that lead and 6x more possibilities to qualify it . Tweet this

An if some of them get lost on the way, how to generate more sales opportunities?

4. Create new sales opportunities

Some leads require longer sales cycles than others. It is possible that some of them don’t convert at a first attempt, but that convert after a few days.

If they don’t convert at a first attempt, it doesn’t mean that they are not interested. In fact, a 48% of companies admit that their leads need long nurturing cycles to convert. Tweet this

Bring back those leads that didn’t convert at a first attempt to the funnel is the best way to have new conversion opportunities. Lead Nurturing permits to design personalized actions to maximize those opportunities and achieve a higher number of converted leads.

Let’s take a look at this process with an example:

Engranajes y aumento que representan optimización de recursosOmnichannel
Mary is interested in travel insurance. She needs an specialized commercial agent to understand the specifications, but she doesn’t have minutes in their mobile plan to call and prefer to be called instead of calling: she completes a contact form.
Engranajes y aumento que representan optimización de recursosLead Scoring
Mary is client from “Safe travelling” for many years and did an exhaustive investigation prior to get in touch with the company: their purchase probability is high. Therefore, a commercial agent gets in touch with her within 5 minutes of filling up the form.
Engranajes y aumento que representan optimización de recursosMatch 360
Mary is a young woman that landed on a landing page about exotic trips, therefore is assisted by a commercial agent with high conversion rates in young people and specialized in insurance for this kind of destinies.
Engranajes y aumento que representan optimización de recursosLead Nurturing
Mary decides not to buy now because her trip will be in 6 months. “Safe travelling” designs a Nurturing flow to get in touch with her in 5 months.
Engranajes y aumento que representan optimización de recursosSale
Mary receives the call when her need is higher and decides to hire the insurance plan for exotic destinies.

Aligning your assisted sales strategy with these four simple steps will provide you with better results, allowing you to optimize your investment in order to avoid spending more than what is necessary.

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