5 keys to optimize your Lead to Revenue Management strategy

Companies focus their efforts on gaining leads. However, they do not dedicate enough resources to manage them and optimize processes that lead into their conversion. Acquiring leads is important, but when it is not done through an optimal  Lead Management strategy, leads quality ceases to exist. Did you know that?

Learn how to manage your leads, taking advantage of all their potential by implementing these 5 keys:

Key 1: Existence and good content

The more existence you have, the higher posibilities of obtaining leads you get. Still, existence is not everything, user experience determines if a lead converts into a sale or not.

Lead Management begins since the first moment in which a lead shows interest. When the content and interface offered facilitates user’s navigation and generates interest, the possibilities of increasing conversions’ volume grow.

It is possible that by means of good marketing campaigns you get a high volume of users. Nevertheless, usable leads’ volume does not increase without appropriate content and interface. This practice favours users to navigate and request more information.

Key 2: Complete and updated DDBB

One of the most important steps to take when managing leads is organization and update. Therefore, having an organized DDBB and update it every time you get more data is key to develop an optimal management strategy.

A lot of companies do not consider the update process important. That is a mistake. Not all the information associated to a lead comes when it originates. Relevant data can appear when having conversations with users.

When the DDBB update is not considered as relevant as it should be, all leads remain with the same status during their whole useful life. Consequently, this mistake hinders to respond to your leads needs, leading to large opportunity losses.

Lead profiles are built during their useful life. It is important to recognize their status in order to manage them as efficient as possible.

Key 3: Management automation and actions to leads

As soon as a company becomes big enough, managing leads manually is unsustainable. How can we immediate manage, on a personalized way, large leads volume?  The answer is automating these management procedures.

This permits to manage each lead on an efficient way, offering them the information they need in each moment, without losing quality in their treatment.

It is possible that you have a great commercial force working for your company. However, when the leads volume exceeds what it was expected, to automate actions allows to not miss any lead, avoiding opportunity losses.

Key 4: Integrate information gathered from marketing with data collected from sales

Each department manages leads on a diverse way and in a different phase of the process, as a consequence of the diverse objective and actions.  Nevertheless, we cannot forget the importance of having these procedures united in order to combine the information gathered in both environments.

The information marketing collects from all leads who originate is different than the one sales obtains, but supplementary.

If the information collected from the marketing and sales teams are not combined, it is likely to lose a large volume of data. All lead data, from their origin, entails a competitive advantage for your commercial force and helps to manage sales.

Key 5: Recycling leads

This is a fact: not all leads that end up in a website for the first time, buy at that precise moment. A leads’ sales process takes longer than expected. This is why it is relevant to continue managing all leads by means of nurturing process (planning times and messages) in order to remain present in their decision making process and, therefore, favour purchases.

When you do not conduct specific and personalized actions to those leads who did not buy at a first attempt, it is likely that they do not come back to finalize the purchase. However, if you keep being present in their lives, the possibility of purchase increase.

As it has been shown in this blog post, lead acquisition is important, but it is not complete without an optimal Lead Management strategy.

If you do not want to miss any lead (those you have invested a lot in), carry out an optimal treatment and management of each of your leads.

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