5 reasons to outsource the sales process (and sell more)

Externalizar el proceso de ventas
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To date there are many companies that have decided to outsource their sales process due to various reasons, the main one being the need to sell more.

When it comes to meeting a sales target we are faced with the difficult decision of whether to strengthen the sales team, increase investment in lead generation, use offline techniques such as advertising in print media … and so many other decisions that many of us have experienced. Whether or not the company reaches its sales target depends on making the right decision.

What are the reasons for outsourcing this process?

1. Cost reduction

Savings are one of the main advantages. Outsourcing saves costs such as the investment required to create new work teams to develop various functions, train them, determine their commission system, accompany them in their learning curve… with the consequent time and effort dedicated to it.

2. Better time management

In this way, companies get additional time that can be used to better determine their buyer persona, organize events to publicize their products, strengthen the partner channel, etc., while the operational part of sales is covered and with a guarantee of reaching the target.

3. Qualified personnel

To be dedicated exclusively to understanding how the sales funnel works and to optimize each part of it.

4. We avoid unnecessary errors

Since the entire sales process will be in the hands of an expert team, which will ensure the correct development and execution of all planned actions.

5. Increased sales

This is one of the main reasons, as this is considered to be the ultimate goal of any company and 100% of the team is focused on this indicator, whether qualitative, quantitative or both.

Why outsource sales with Global ROI Hub?

Our incremental sales to success model will allow you to increase your sales x3, integrating technology, media and creativity with the sole objective of selling more.

Our operating wheel is based on 4 pillars:

1. Media buying

We invest, manage and activate performance campaigns in a transparent manner.

2. Creativity development

Through creativity we generate messages and graphic supports oriented to conversion.

3. User routing

We track each user, optimize their Customer Journey with AI and improve the acquisition model in real time.

4. Analysis and optimization

We work in real time for continuous improvement and the transfer of best practices to the brand.

What advantages does Global ROI Hub offer you?

  • Integrated, simple and unique coordination, avoiding silos and loss of information
  • Team and resources focused on meeting sales objectives
  • Single access to automated dashboards where all the information is stored
  • All data generated is accessible and integrated with your brand’s systems.
  • Transparency, traceability, tracking and capitalization
  • Simplicity in billing and related processes such as remuneration systems working with a single metric: CPL or CPA.
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Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter.

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