5 strategies to optimize your investment in marketing and assisted sales

How can we optimize the investment in marketing? This is a question that many companies ask themselves each year. Digital marketing and assisted selling account for a large part of the budget of companies dedicated to digital commerce. The purpose of any organization is to achieve its objectives with a coherent management of its resources, but what strategies can you use?


Marketing investment optimization strategies

Strengthening the digital presence on the network is essential for a corporation to grow properly. However, if you want to make sure that your investment in marketing contributes to the achievement of your objectives, you can implement the following optimization strategies:


1. Lead Management

In business time is money and technology has evolved so that you can automate complex marketing and sales actions in order to invest your time in other processes that bring more benefits to your company. An example of this is lead management, a set of strategies, tactics, practices and tools that help you guide your leads through the sales funnel.

Managing the data and tasks required by Lead Management, beyond about 50 leads, is impossible without software that centralizes and uses the data to automate these tasks.


Improving the management and treatment of your leads will help you to reduce the time for contact, preventing leads from getting cold, to obtain more information about each lead and, most importantly, to work on the conversion of each lead.


2. Lead Tracking

More and more companies are aware of the importance of tracking the actions of the leads. Either because they need to boost their results or because they want to optimize their investment in marketing, the use of lead tracking achieves an almost exponential growth of results. What information can you get from each lead?

  • Source(Google, Facebook…)
  • Campaign
  • Affiliate source
  • Search keyword
  • Navigation on your site
  • Product of interest
  • Conversion Site (Landing, Web …)
  • Contact Form (form, chat, chatbot …)
  • Sales Team (team, contact center …)
  • Sales funnel stage reached (lead, qualified, sale)


Obtaining end-to-end traceability of a lead from its origin as well as the reason for purchasing a product, is very valuable information that can be used to increase conversions for sale even more if it is in real time. In addition, this system allows optimizing advertising campaigns and adapting them to specific segments of the population, all of this in an automated way through integration with Ad / Martech platforms.


3. Call Tracking

However, when the objective of the campaigns was the generation of calls, much information was “lost”. Thanks to call tracking now it is possible to monitor the origin of every call, their characteristics and the result of each one of them, achieving a complete online-offline attribution. What extra information do you add to what lead tracking gives you?

  • Call Center service level (attended on first attempt, nurturing by CC, lost by CC)
  • Call Center reaction time (Immediate, <5, <20, <60 or <60 min)
  • Call status (converted, unconverted, not contacted, invalid, ignored, CC not responding, obsolete, in process, canceled)
  • Call duration


Call Tracking is essential to correctly measure the impact of your marketing and sales efforts, but this information will also help you to offer a better user experience across the board.


4. Lead Scoring

When it comes to optimizing times and improving results, Lead Scoring is a tool to highlight. It allows classifying each lead, according to its tracking and associated information, giving it a score using its own rules and algorithms.

You will be able to analyze its characteristics and compare them with the leads previously converted by your sales force. As a result, you will have the choice to identify the leads with the greatest probability of sale and prioritize their treatment, preventing them from getting cold while improving their experience and your results. In addition, you can activate other channels and / or actions to work on the conversion of those leads with less probability.


5. Conversational Artificial Intelligence

The Conversational AI as a set of technologies, messaging applications and speech-based assistants -combined with chatbots and callbots- it makes it possible to automate your company’s communication and create personalized customer experiences.

Did you know that its use allows, among other things: to qualify leads, reduce waiting time and collect the end of calls? It is expected that the Global spending on AI to grow 120% and reach more than $ 100 billion by 2024 according to a study by Buy Shares.


Call tracking , lead tracking and the AI ​​

Currently the economic scenario is uncertain and this has led to reducing all budgets, including those for marketing. However, solutions such as call tracking, lead tracking and lead scoring put at your disposal everything you need to get the maximum return for every euro of your investment in marketing. What are you waiting for?

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