7 tips to improve conversion on your landing pages

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Most companies are looking to generate conversions when creating landing pages. For this they usually look for the best developers and designers, show attractive offers and generate that this captures the attention of the potential customer. But how do we make this happen and effectively generate conversions? We will tell you about it below.

1. Perform an analysis of your current conversion rate 

To know the conversion rate you should use the following formula:

(Leads Obtained / Number of Visits) x 100

According to experts, a good conversion rate is 10%, but you should also analyze several factors such as: how many of those leads are qualified or not, since it is useless to have a high conversion rate but they are not suitable for sale.

By doing this you can have an initial reference value and focus on those points of design or product that you should optimize so that your conversions are better.

2. Is your message clear?

Users are constantly looking for immediacy, that is, if in a few seconds they do not understand your proposal or how they benefit from it, they are likely to leave the page quickly.

For example, if in the ad the user clicked on there was an ebook, this must be on the landing page that is displayed; if they were interested in an article, it must also be present. The CTA (Click to Action) must be clear, focused on a single objective and in case of including forms it should only be one.

3. Create the perfect CTA (Click to Action) for your goal

This button is a very important element within the landing page since it invites the user to take action and interact.  For this we give you some tips:

  • The CTA should be located in a prominent place on the landing page.
  • The color and size should be harmonious with the whole landing page, or not, it will depend on your recruitment strategy.
  • The copy that accompanies the CTA must be related to the landing page and must clearly express what will happen once the user clicks on it.

4. Optimize your contact form

Your contact form should not be long or complex, otherwise many users will probably give up. Place only the fields that are strictly necessary for the objective, for a first stage of lead generation 1 or 2 are usually enough.

5. Take care of the look and feel of your landing page 

As the saying goes “everything goes through the eyes” and landing pages are no exception. The design must reflect the spirit of the brand being harmonious to capture the attention of the potential lead but at the same time disruptive enough to quickly capture the attention. In addition, prices, promotions, offers,… must be clearly visible and explained in simple and understandable words.

6. Make your landing page customer centric 

Navigation should be intuitive and information should be easy to find. At a glance you have to provide two things: the information the user needs in terms of features and price and which contact channels they can use.

7. Optimize SEO

The meta data is basically what lies behind the visible design and this can influence the conversion rate of your landing page. The tags should be constantly checked to ensure that they are in line with the landing page copy. It is important to check that the links work correctly and that the page loading speed is optimal.

At GRH we can support you with the conversion of your landing pages by implementing a sales model that is revolutionizing the world of sales: with success and without investment.

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Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter.

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