8 benefits of smart lead routing for sales strategy

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Did you know that only 1 out of every 10 leads originated is converted into a sales opportunity once the level of attention exceeds 60 minutes of waiting?

To address this situation, we have created a comprehensive solution called Global Roi Hub. The key product of this solution is the Remote Manager, which allows for smart lead routing.

Remote Manager helps to manage in real time the leads generated in the digital channel and that are referred to face-to-face sales agents, in the Call Center or in sales offices.

This solution allows agents to receive on their cell phone, by sms, email or integrated in the CRM all the tracking of the leads along with useful information about the product or service in which they are interested, in order to personalize the sales pitch.

What are the benefits?

1Allows commercial agents to manage contact requests whenever and wherever they want.
2It makes it possible to attend to leads with immediacy, reducing the chances of their interest cooling off and increasing the sales ratio.
3It provides tracking of each lead in its entirety, from its online origin to its offline conversion.
4It achieves full traceability of conversions as the agent interacts through the contact request itself, allowing full tracking to be retained.
5It makes it possible to personalize the speech thanks to the collection of all the lead’s tracking and preferences, which leads to an agile and fluid conversation.
6Increases the conversion rate by combining the immediacy of contact with the execution of an informed, contextualized and personalized sales pitch by the agent.
7Collects post-call information, allowing you to analyze performance and optimize results.
8It provides full visibility to the company on how agents and offices manage each sales opportunity, aiding decision making and business strategy.

What are you waiting for to innovate with this new successful sales model? Contact us!

Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter (only in Spanish).

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