AIshow 2019: provide value and boost lead conversion with AI

AIshow, Artificial Intelligence congress included within eShow Madrid 2019, took place on the 29th and 30th October. It presented cutting-edge trends related to AI and its significance in the market and in society.

The keynote of all talks at AIshow was connected with the opening of a new opportunities’ paradigm due to the use of Artificial Intelligence.

The versatility of AI solutions was also discussed. It was stated that AI solutions can be applied to any area, offering benefits to companies and their users.

In this third edition, Walmeric, as Silver Sponsor, has given a talk conducted by our Marketing Director, Irene Medina.

In the words of Irene, “AI has come to provide value to our products and services, to help us do what we cannot accomplish due to the lack of data processing knowledge“.

The value of predicting our users’ needs

Consumers ask for personalization and adaptation to their needs without intrusion, how do we get it? Artificial Intelligence has accomplished a more scientific approach to users providing high value in prediction. Now we can make our users’ lives easier by being more relevant for them and adjusting our actions to their needs.

Machine Learning, subjected to Artificial Intelligence, leads to the development of algorithms that predict very precise results about consumers’ desires in order to fulfill their needs ahead of time.

In this way, offering consumers what they are waiting for becomes easier; it means a brand strategy focused on user knowledge and experience.

Artificial Intelligence helps us to comprehend our users’ needs, deduce insights and offer our value proposal.

Lead Management nurtured with AI: wiseS

Consumers wish to get answers to their needs but without intrusion.

How can we get the most out of Artificial Intelligence to provide value to users in the sales process as means to facilitate conversion?

In the words of Irene Medina, “Artificial Intelligence helps us to process data to optimize our marketing actions, predict behavior and determine each lead conversion probability to adapt their treatment and offer them what they really need”.

Taking advantage of Walmeric’s participation in AIshow, on the 29th October we launched our new product: WiseS. This AI sales platform comprises four AI applications focused on data processing and optimization.

wises, Walmeric AI sales platform

How do I know which conversion channel should I show to each of my leads? which one would work better? Lead Scoring facilitates conversion resources management taking into account each lead conversion probability.

Who should deal with each of my leads?, how could I boost their conversion? Match 360º takes as a reference each lead probability of conversion and matches it with the probability each commercial agent has to convert leads with that specific profile.

How do I know that my leads’ needs are covered up?, how do I optimize how my commercial agents deal with them? Conversational Labeled analyses conversations to comprehend how interpersonal relationships work.

How can I get the most out of data to optimize my marketing activities? Audience Creator allows you to access to your clusters’ and potential clients groups’ data in order to optimize websites and landing pages and adapt marketing campaigns in real-time.

What does Artificial Intelligence mean applied to the data analysis process for marketing and sales?

Irene Medina, Marketing Director at Walmeric, giving a talk in AIshow

Artificial Intelligence has derivated into a disruption period to move from the traditional way in which things are done to more optimized methods.

The use of Artificial Intelligence solutions along the whole data analysis process means a great competitive advantage for marketing and sales. It becomes even more relevant when is taken into account that this is the way to make the most out of the useful period of data and to get all its value.

When the problem is the high volume of available data and the speed of its fluctuation, Artificial Intelligence means a very powerful way to treat and analyze data.

Artificial Intelligence is able to process data and gets insights quicker than a human could ever do it. It allows marketing and sales leaders to make more informed and effective decisions.

Through a data analysis nurtured with Artificial Intelligence, we are able to comprehend diverse archetype motivations and their reasons for buying.

Benefits related to the use of Artificial Intelligence in marketing and sales processes are exponential. However, human decisions play a key role in its exploitation.

In agreement with Irene Medina, “Artificial Intelligence assists us in analyzing data, but we should be the ones reviewing those insights and deciding if we want to make use of them in our business strategy and how we want to do it”.

Are you deciding how to apply Artificial Intelligence to your marketing and sales strategies? Get in touch with us and we will tell you how WiseS can help you to make your business grow.

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