AIshow: How Lead Scoring can help you increasing sales?

As we mentioned in a previous post… Walmeric Soluciones will participate as silver sponsor in AIshow!, an Artificial Intelligence benchmark event.

A few weeks ago, we communicated our participation in AIshow along with the announcement of Federico Heinen, Walmeric Product Director, delivering a presentation.

The presentation will be focused on offering a more clear view of novelties in terms of Artificial Intelligence, their application and benefits on a business level.

The talk will address three current Artificial Intelligence services: Lead Scoring, Match 360 and Conversational Labelled.

Even thought AIshow will take place in over a month… Today we share a few insights about the first part of the talk: the Lead Scoring.

How Lead Scoring can improve my business?

Nowadays, everything related to optimize processes, reduce investment, increase benefits and simplify the daily routine of marketing and sales teams: is welcome.

Here it is where it plays a big role! This technology based on AI prioritize leads according to their value. The Lead Scoring system analyses each lead conversion probability to prioritize calls and deliver them to their best conversion point.

How does it do it? Walmeric gathers information about leads and their navigation details in forms of labels. According to those labels, conversion elements are established. In other words, which labels are shared by those leads who best transform into sales?

Due to the knowledge originated from labels’ gathering, it is possible to obtain the percentage, probability, of each individual lead conversion.

In this way, knowing the Lead Scoring of those leads who better transform into sales, it is possible to optimize marketing and sales strategies, generating an increment in conversion rates.

Moreover, obtaining this conversion percentage prior to their treatment, it is possible to priorize those leads with higher conversion probability. In other words, those leads predisposed to buy will not get cold and will be assisted with rapidity.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of applying Lead Scoring to your business?  Walmeric will be waiting for you in AIshow, “the Smart AI revolution for business”, on the 29th y 30th October in IFEMA, Madrid.

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