Attribution 360: Convert, connect and optimize your investment [Webinar].

Atribución 360: Convierte, conecta y optimiza tu inversión [Webinar]

Did you know that attributing your sales can increase your efficiency by 15-30%? Correctly measuring all the impacts of the online environment is extremely important, especially if we want to understand how our users behave. It is very important to follow up those online searches that end up as sales through calls or any other assisted sales means.

Last Thursday, June 1 took place the webinar we did in Walmeric together with Globant Create Studio on the creation of attribution models with a clear focus on improving conversions. Walmeric had Javier Bautista, Client Development Manager, and Globant Create Studio had Jose Llinares, Head of Strategy.

At Walmeric we help you with this through our Lead to Revenue Management technology. We can track and report all offline conversions back to the ad spend platforms.

This will allow:

👉Full visibility of the conversion funnel (100% of traffic).
👉 Process efficiency thanks to automation (automated audience upload).
👉Optimization of campaigns: new audiences, improved performance and advertising spend.
👉More qualified / affinity audiences, with better CR and lower CPA.

If you were unable to attend the webinar, don’t worry, here is the recording of the Walmeric webinar for you to discover all the advantages of attributing your conversions to increase the quality of your leads.


The main topics we covered were:

– The importance of data integration in a highly automated campaign environment.

– Offline conversions, the pending subject. – How Google and Facebook use that information and help us.

– How technology collects information and integrates it into advertising platforms.

– Case study: telecommunications sector

You can also consult the complete presentation:

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