Automation and AI: how chatbots are revolutionazing assisted sales and customer support

Since its original conception, automation along with Artificial Intelligence has entailed a vast number of benefits to marketing & sales professionals. Nowadays it is not unusual to implement chatbots in websites with the objective of opening an additional channel to divert sales.

Everyday more and more companies are more concious of the usefulness and necessity to implement omnichannel solutions with Artificial Intelligence and, therefore, decide to include chatbots in their digital platforms as a means of assisted sales and customer support channels.

According to Gartner, in 2020 it has been estimated that a 25% of customer support procedures have been developed by means of chatbots. Tendency trending upward if we take into account that in 2019 a 67% of users accomplished some processes of these kind through chatbots.

Optimizing the management of high volumes of leads

The unnstopable expansion of the digitalization along with the development of new solutions to boost user acquistion has entailed an exponential increase in leads’ volume.

This situation has meant that managing each of our leads that land on our website, while pursuing optimization at the same time, becomes a complex task. This increment in work volume could affect the respond time and even the quality of the service offered.

Walmeric, leading company in lead management and developer of omnichannel solutions, protects the importance of applying automation with Artificial intelligence to sales processes.

Getting a high volume of leads is dangerous if you don’t have enough resources to manage them. It is likely that you could lose highly interested users just because the way you treated them didn’t match their expectations.

Walmeric stands up for, regarding the “hándicap” of managing a high volume of leads, voting in favor of automation and Artificial Intelligence applied to Marketing and Sales.

Which benefits do chatbots provide to sales procedures?

Chatbots, or instant messenger system with Artificial Intelligence, provide more benefits than we think to sales procedures:

Filtering your leads according to their level of interest: not all your leads have the same purchase probability. Filtering by their level of interst will allow you to comprehend to whom you should direct the best and strongest resources you have in order to close as many sales as possible.

Optimizing the use of your sales channels: comprehending your leads conversion probability, you will be able to allocate those with higher conversion probability to those channels that are more effective to close sales.

Optimizing your sales channel’s investment: sending those leads with lower conversion probability to low-cost channels, avoiding the use of conversion channels at a higher cost in thoses cases in which purchase intention is almost nonexistent.

Improving service to your leads: chatbot is a system that operates 24/7 and that doesn’t require human support, therefore, it allows you to give an answer to your leads at all times.

Adjusting their experience to their level of interest: launch diverse call to action to each lead within the chat taking into account the qualification stage in which they are in each moment.

Automation along with Artificial Intelligence has accomplished a great simplification of sales procedures, optimizing investment in sales channels and allocating a greater effort to those leads with higher conversion probability.

Would you like to take part in the chatbot revolution? At Walmeric we will be pleased to help you, adding innovation to your lead management methods.

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