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It was not long ago when lead generation campaigns were mainly focused on direct mail campaigns, a distinctive website and occasionally trade show appearances, all of this with the hope that these actions would somehow work. Nevertheless, studies confirm that response rates for lead generation campaigns, with only these kind of actions, don’t work. The present business scenario shows not only that today there is an abundant new competition, but also that marketing and sales teams have to achieve more with less.

Once we realize that a defined marketing strategy is far from delivering the expected results it’s clear that the best way to move forward is to redefine a strategy with new actions. Although it may not be not easy to determine the target audience or what actions should be used to get the desired result,you will need to determine where you want your efforts to take you.

Here is a helpful guide to recognize the difference between the social strategies of B2B companies (the target of their communications is other companies) and B2C ones (they have the consumer as their final client).


Differences in the Buying Process:

B2B: the decision to buy a product or service has commercial purposes, so the sale needs a rational analysis, a longer consideration time, and ongoing assistance by the seller. The decision involves many areas of the enterprise.
B2C: The sale is usually less rational and more based on impulse. The process is shorter in time and individual in the decision-making.



Differences in the Marketing Strategy:

B2B: Usually you do not have to use mass media, personal contact between salespeople in both companies is the main contact.

B2C: Given the target it is common to use mass media and social media communications.

Differences between Size of Markets:

B2B: It is small and select.

B2C: Usually large and geographically disperse .


“Lead Generation for the complex sale”, Bryan J. Carroll.


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