Bridging the gap between the online and offline with Walmeric


Nowadays, all companies have metrics to measure their digital marketing. However, it’s essential for your business to be aware of what happens offline, as well as online marketing campaigns, to get the full picture. Without having the data to give complete visibility of both, this is impossible.  

By knowing which campaigns in both worlds are most successful, you can take actions to improve conversion results. Furthermore, you can measure which audiences best resonate with your campaigns, meaning that you’ll experience a better quality audience. 

Finally, by better understanding your online and offline campaign performance, you can surpass your competitors by optimising your investments into campaigns that have higher Conversion Rates and lower Cost per Acquisition.

How can Walmeric help?

Our solutions are built to help you overcome the challenges imposed by the difficulty in connecting these worlds. 

They are empowered by AI, technology that is constantly learning. The more you upload information about successful and failed campaigns, the more our solutions learn to go after, or avoid specific audiences. With Facebook or Google, you can automate and optimise your campaigns with minimal effort, for example with Google bidding. 

In this post, we divide our technology into 4 steps to simplify the process of connecting the online with the offline.

  1. Lead Acquisition – Ring Pool, Call Me Back
  2. Lead Management – Lead Scoring, Call tracking, Match 360
  3. Conversion Reporting
  4. Attribution


1. Lead Acquisition

Our Ring Pool solution assigns a dynamic phone number to each lead who visits your website. This allows us to assign a unique identity to the lead, which is the first step towards bridging the online-offline gap. Furthermore, our Call Me Back functionality allows leads to quickly fill in a form on your website. Your branch office or call centre receives a call with this information immediately. In less than 30 seconds, our software automatically calls the lead back and connects them to an agent. 

This means that optimal lead management is now possible.

2. Lead Management 

Using the data previusly collected, it is possible to apply Lead Scoring (assessing propensity to buy), Call Tracking (origin, contact points, last product viewed and Call Details Forwarding for call ads) and finally, Match 360. Match 360 takes all the previous information and connects the incoming lead to the agent who has historically been most successful with this type of lead. Using Lead Scoring, the leads are prioritised so that according to a lead’s propensity to buy, the call centre agents will speak to them first. 

3. Conversion Reporting

We take all of the previous information gathered, and compile it in a dashboard that can be integrated into your analytics systems and Martech platforms. Now, you can quickly check on all leads at any or all stages of the funnel at any given time. 

4. Attribution

All of the information collected can be checked in real time, so you know what’s happening with your funnel, products, sales and investments. This helps our clients better understand specific aspects of their Sales & Marketing strategies.

Using all the information above, it is possible to analyse the attribution of all your campaigns to understand your ROI.

For example, you can analyse your conversion rates to understand what happens to each cent you invest. This will allow you to efficiently invest from end-to-end of your funnel.

Your Call Centre agents or branch staff spend less time doing administrative tasks, researching before calls and dialling numbers. They can now spend more time meeting customer needs and closing sales in less time. 

Best of all, you can use this data to take informed action to upsell, cross sell and push leads to the final stages of the funnel, convincing them to buy. You can also use this information to nurture leads lost, by sending them personalised messages based on successful campaigns. Your marketing teams can find lookalike audiences, or indeed exclude audiences according to campaign success.


This is why we confidently say that at Walmeric, we sell more, sell better!

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