Call Me Back: More than a contact form

It is undeniable that Call Me Back (CMB) is a information request contact form to be filled by leads. However, this conctact form, designed by Walmeric, permits to launch calls to leads and commercial agentes through an automated process.

In this way, CMB contact form assigns a unique ID to each lead, which permits to gather all online tracking from each of them in forms of labels, plus information given by the lead when filling up the form.

Benefits assigned to the use of CMB

Call Me Back allows to:

1. Automate calls, optimizing the time spent by commercial agents in calling all leads one by one.

2. Optimize contact methods, establishing calls only with contactable leads.

3. Increase conversion probability by making possible establishing contact with all leads.

4. Gather the tracking prior to the call with the goal of making easier the personalization and contextualization of the sales speech.

5. Understand which campaigns and sources are more effective in inciting leads to fill in forms.

6. Find out which products and services your leads are more interested in.

7. Combine each lead online tracking information with details of their offline conversion.

8. Analyse calls in real time.

9. Achieve all conversions information thanks to a complete integration with analytic tools.

10. Acquire visibility about the attribution model.

The power of automation

CMB has been designed to respond to leads and clients needs. It has two different ways to automate calls.

Type 1: The type 1 call service, firstly establishes contact with the lead to, once the call has been answered, launch it to a commercial agent.
Type 2: The type 2 call service, verifies commercial agents availability first, once they answer to the call, it is launched to the lead.

Moreover, Call Me Back is not just used to launch calls to leads and commercial agents. Walmeric technology allows to direct leads to their optimal conversion point according to their origin, utms obtained from landing pages, the url they come from and the information collected in the contact form.

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