Call Tracking for companies: what are its advantages?

Call Tracking is the technology that monitors calls from potential customers of your company . In other words, it is the solution that allows you to complete the data of your advertising campaigns with information that, until now, was eluded by brands. It allows you to know what is happening on the other side of the phone so that you can get the most out of your investments in Marketing and Sales.

What is business Call Tracking

Analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics make measurement possible and help understand the online results, but what happens to those users who search online but finally buy offline? Without adequate software that connects the information of the online world of potential customers with their purchases in the offline world (telephone, SMS, chat, stores, commercial networks, etc.) the trail is lost and with it all the knowledge to optimize the results in the ROPO model (Research Online, Purchase Offline)

With a technology specialized in call tracking , you can get to know more and better the leads who contact your company by phone. In addition, these data are not isolated but thanks to the user id or unique identifier of each lead, they are connected with all the information collected about your potential customers. As a consecuence, you can cross it with your analytics and others data and tracking tools to know not only your buyers, but also the real ROI of your campaigns.


Reasons why you need Call Tracking

When is it essential to incorporate technology call monitoring? The factors are multiple, however, if the telephone is one of your channels par excellence, then surely you will want to know more about what happens on the other end of the line. Let’s go point by point:

  • Sector or products. When the complexity or characteristics of your products or services require the support of agents via telephone. Either to solve doubts, accompany in the hiring process and assist in the closing of the sale.
  • Number of calls. When your company receives hundreds or thousands of calls daily and they are managed internally by a sales team (bank offices, commercial networks, dealers, mediators, etc.) or by a Call Center or Contact Center, with the aim of converting.
  • User experience . When you want to reduce the waiting time of your leads or customers, a factor directly related to the abandonment rate in the purchase process.
  • Attribution 360 . When you want to know which Marketing actions have contributed to your sales goals and which have not. That is, when you are looking for a complete online-offline attribution to implement a strategy of Lead to Revenue Management, with which to optimize your investments and maximize your results.
  • Discover new audiences . When you think you know your audience, you may discover that there are other types of audience interested in your products or services. With Call Tracking you will improve the measurement of the impact of your marketing and sales efforts, but also this information will help you offer a better user experience.


Benefits of Call Tracking

If you are still not convinced of its advantages or if you are considering whether or not to start its implementation, we will tell you below some factors to take into account:

  1. Strength of your data . If you have only mastered the data or statistics of the online environment so far, you are missing a lot of offline information. Imagine that you have launched a campaign for a product, that online purchases have had little results and that, nevertheless, it has proven to be tremendously effective in an offline way. Perhaps the ads on the Internet have raised questions that potential consumers decided to resolve with a phone call. By investing in call tracking technology, you will be able to tune the analytics of your results and, by extension, your campaigns.
  2. Profitability of your campaigns. Knowing all the data will allow you to discover points of improvement in previous campaigns. That is, perhaps your online advertising is confusing at some point, and needs to be explained in another way. Knowing what happens in the offline environment (specifically from calls) opens the window for you to control your advertising more, refine it, adjust it and, therefore, improve its profitability and your investment.
  3. ROPO vision. Having a complete and up-to-date sales photo is crucial, especially when it comes to strategy and planning. Now, you can control your advertising in a comprehensive way and in real time thanks to integrations and automations, which allows you to take your results to levels previously unthinkable.


In conclusion, Call Tracking is one of the technologies that you should take into account if what you need is to improve and polish the advertising of your products or services. Don’t think about it any more and start optimize and make the most of your campaigns.

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