Call Tracking, a piece of the L2RM strategy

Knowing how and where converted leads originate means, even today, a challenge for assisted sales companies. However, from that attribution relies digital marketing investment optimizations according to real results, sales rate improvements in Contact Center and cost reductions (CPC, CPL, CPA…).

Sales over the phone increased by 50% in 2019 and this trend will continue growing along 2020. This is the reason why everyday more and more companies decide to add Call Tracking to their sales strategies. But, are they really taking the most out of this technology to improve results?

Call Tracking, is just one of the many pieces of Lead to Revenue Management, an automated lead management model that puts Marketing and sales together in order to obtain benefits along the whole sales cycle.



Which are the benefits of Call Tracking?

Call Tracking is a technology that allows you to gather all relevant information associated to a lead, from the first moment they show interest until they convert via phone call. Call Tracking makes it possible to identify their origin, characteristics and conversation results (sale, no sale). Prior to Call Tracking, everytime a lead changed from one channel to another, this information would be lost.

Due to the connection between the online and offline environments, it is possible to optimize advertising campaigns according to the real ROI of each individual activity.

Adding Call Tracking to a sales strategy allows you to:

Understand which campaigns and/or keywords encourage users to get in touch with you, that is, those that boost their purchase intent.

Link your website views and/or events to specific conversions to comprehend the way in which your leads direct their purchase decisions.

Obtain complete visibility on your attribution model because you don’t lose information when your leads leave the online environment to convert in an offline channel.

The data gathered allows you to:

Create a better audience segmentation that will allow you to take the most out of your marketing activities, providing you with a better return on investment.

Personalize your customer journey and adapt your acquistion elements within your diverse channels to your consumers needs and interests.

Improve processes and make better decisions based on well founded data.

Furthermore, the analysis will allow you to deduce valuable conclusions regarding the way in which your customers interact with your company, if you manage to cover their needs and if your marketing activities are directed to the appropriate audience, among others.

L2RM goes beyond Call Tracking

Lead to Revenue Management help companies with assisted sales to improve their conversions without increasing their investment through integrated, transparent and automated processes such as: Lead Tracking (where we can find Call Tracking), Lead Scoring, Lead Conversion, Lead Nurturing, Lead Attribution and Artificial Intelligence.


1. Tracking: L2RM offers information regarding online and offline tracking not just about those sales that convert via phone call, but through any other mean of contact including phone call, contact form, chat, chatbot or callbot.

2. Scoring: identifies the probability each of your leads have to convert into sale.

Arrange and prioritize your leads’ treatment according to their scoring, avoiding the loss of interest of those leads with a higher purchase intention.

Optimize your investment in conversion channels directing those leads with a lower conversion probability to low-cost conversion channels.

Release those high-cost conversion channels and save them for leads with higher conversion probability.

3. Routing: by means of Scoring, Artificial Intelligence or your business rules, direct your leads along the whole buying process to promote their conversion.

Direct each lead to their ideal conversion channel: call center, chat, chatbot,etc.

Guide each lead to the commercial agent, in a call center or chat, that, according to their historical data, has higher probabilities to convert each specific kind of lead.

4. Nurturing: design personalized actions to each lead with the purpose of favoring conversion of those not converted at a first attempt.

Return your leads to the funnel to have new conversion opportunities.

Launch the most effective impact to each lead, according to their specific situation, to favor conversion.

Define the most appropriate moment and conversion channel to launch those impacts.

5. Analysis and attribution: obtain complete reports by gathering the online and offline tracking of your visits, leads and sales to have a higher visibility on your attribution model and a better understanding of the efficiency of your sales process.

Integrate all L2RM solutions with your assisted sales channels (online and offline) and marketing and analytics platforms (Google Marketing Platform, Facebook, etc.) to get reports with more and better founded information.

Identify those marketing campaigns with better conversion rates, attribute your digital advertising investment to specific online and offline conversions and optimize your investment.

L2RM solutions provide value to your sales strategy. They don’t focus just on those leads that converted via phone call, but via any other assisted sales channel such as chat, chatbot or callbot.


Moreover, it permits you to develop an efficient and personalized lead management procedure adding Scoring, Routing and Nurturing to your sales process, allowing you to maximize conversions and boost your sales, getting better results with the same investment.

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