Callbot: Artificial Intelligence applied to phone sales

Improvements in Artificial Intelligence are defining new business opportunities for sales leaders. In this sector, a lot of challenges are yet to be faced in order to take the most out of its potential.

The core idea of Artificial Intelligence applied to sales is the optimization of processes and resources, obtaining substantial improvements in conversion metrics.


How to make the most out of Artificial Intelligence in assisted sales?

When you think of optimizing resources, the first thing that comes to your mind is reducing time and economizing costs: how to get it?

The use of Artificial Intelligence in every assisted sales process generates an automated lead management procedure without human intervention. It allows optimizing the time invested by commercial agents in dealing with leads.

Bots in chats are very usual. But, have you thought of making use of them in assisted sales?

Walmeric Callbot provides a Lead Management automated procedure through phone calls. It offers assistance 24/7 to every user who gets in touch with a company. Equally, it is able to launch calls to those users registered in previously uploaded DDBB.


Which value does Artificial Intelligence provide to an assisted sales strategy?

The application of Artificial Intelligence to every process related to assisted sales entails a way of optimizing resources and improving user experience.

The list of benefits related to the use of  bots in phone calls is very remarkable:

  • The alternative of having a phone service managed by bots entails the opening of a new conversion channel.
  • Phone calls nurtured by Artificial Intelligence are seen as an additional channel to launch Lead Nurturing strategies.
  • Gathering of all the tracking related to these phone calls; from the lead search to the end of the conversation.
  • Call Center resources optimization. Reduction of the time invested by commercial agents in launching calls, giving that responsibility to Callbots.
  • Greater comprehension and better messages transcription compared to what can be gotten from humans. Bots get a 99% rate of reproduction.
  • Possibility of replicating the same process in any language, without the need of commercial agents with specific linguistic capabilities that are not used on a daily basis.
  • Automation of the contact process, also allowing to send surveys to evaluate the level of satisfaction of leads and clients.
  • Callbot can be used as a way of filtering leads. In this way, it is possible to discard those leads that are not considered useful without wasting call center resources.
  • Callbot offers an additional channel to develop upselling and cross-selling strategies for clients.
  • In moments of high attendance and/or calls overflow, Callbot is used as a commercial agent assistant.
  • The call center answering time is reduced due to the use of Callbot, which leads to great improvements in user experience.

Ultimately, Artificial Intelligence applied to sales has come to stay. Now, sales leaders should think of how to take advantage of all business opportunities that its use provides. And you, are you applying AI to your sales processes?

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