“Combining marketing and technology is Walmeric’s bet to reinvent the world of digital sales,” Beatriz de Tena

We invite you to read the interview published by Marketing Directo (Spanish) about the incremental sales model: Global ROI Hub.

In a world with hyper-connected users, more informed than ever and with high expectations in terms of user experience, technology is the basis of growth models. In this context, Walmeric, a technology company that manages more than 65 million commercial leads annually, has developed a new sales model in which the online ecosystem and assisted selling coexist: Global ROI Hub (GRH).

This model combines the best of the worlds of performance and technology, resulting in an incremental sales model that will increase sales by 3x. Beatriz de Tena, business unit director at Walmeric, explains in this interview exactly what this incremental sales model consists of.

Why would a technology company like Walmeric decide to create a model that helps companies increase their sales?

The best way to be linked to companies is to make them win more customers, have a higher average ticket and be more profitable. Global ROI Hub was born from the idea of pushing the growth of large companies in a partner format that helps them discover new oceans of generation, new channels and provide the necessary insights to make all their sales grow more.

With a consultative approach we provide our clients with clear guidelines on what they need to do to drive their sales: which channels, how to treat their leads effectively, and how they can improve the sales convention. This results not only in us finding new ways to sell more for them, but also, by applying our insights, the sales of the whole company are strengthened.

What does it mean that Global ROI Hub is a sales lab?

From the choice of the name we thought of being a Hub in which the main objective was to improve and optimize the Return On Investment (ROI). A product 100% focused on sales that would combine the best of the digital world with a technological base that would move large amounts of information in real time and with the objective of decision making. The laboratory concept arises from the need to explore innovative techniques in terms of new markets, new ways of communicating, new channels that convert better to sales and deepen the understanding of the funnel to be intensive in what the model tells us.

What are the main pillars of the Global ROI Hub and how do they influence the strategy you will pursue with a client?

The main pillars are performance marketing and Lead Management technology, which Walmeric has been using for 15 years.

To define the strategy, we always rely on a multidisciplinary approach that includes the digital and technological generation layer and the social context of the services that our client markets. We make a detailed analysis of the current scenario and propose the creation of a model that allows us to sell more, with the most optimized Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) possible. Sometimes we meet clients who know a lot about their industry and their products but do not know what else they can do to gain market share in today’s competitive environment.

In addition, we work on omnichannel because the user is currently hyperconnected and needs a response in real time and through the chosen channel. We have the technology that helps us to identify this user, to know how he/she has interacted and finally how he/she has purchased.

The final strategy is usually the result of testing the model, challenging it and not starting from preconceived concepts.

What are the advantages of Global ROI Hub?

Our sales model is designed not to replace the current system but, in parallel, to represent a profitable and scalable alternative. We define the project, delimit the scope and the products to be marketed and set the objectives, which must be measurable. This is when we put our skills to work: digital channels, creativity, CRO techniques and above all, as the basis of the project, Lead Management technology. This will allow us to have traceability of each user / lead, assign a % of probability of propensity to sell (Score) and deliver them in an orderly manner to the customer’s assisted sales channels (call center and also face-to-face network) that close the sale.

Improving our clients’ results, particularly in assisted sales channels, is in our DNA. The application of Artificial Intelligence, Speech Analytics, or the prioritization and routing of leads, are just some of the solutions put in place for brands to improve day by day their understanding of the lead journey, the experience of their users and of course, their conversion rates to sales.

Our strategy is therefore not to outsource the sales process but to create a parallel model in the form of a sales laboratory to achieve incremental sales, which would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

How do you optimize performance marketing through Global ROI Hub?

Performance marketing is always thinking about the achievement of an objective. These are actions aimed at getting the marketing and sales departments to work together, with the same objective and with common KPIs. This means that 100% of the actions we implement have a clear purpose: to sell more.

We have the technology that gives us 360º visibility of each management with the minimum level of granularity at a digital level. The link between lead generation and closing the sale through assisted sales channels is monitored in real time by our AI-based platform.

We also have a team that knows the client’s funnel in depth and applies CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) techniques to challenge the model and achieve the best possible results in KPIs such as CTR or LTR.

All insights obtained are shared with the client. This allows the conversion obtained through our campaigns to be replicated in other campaigns to improve conversions. With this we will have achieved the satisfaction of having found a model that is replicable and scalable.

These actions allow us to work on a success by results model that undoubtedly allows our clients to make a sales forecast knowing how many sales they will receive and at what price each one of them will be sold.

How does AI work in the performance-based sales model?

Walmeric’s philosophy pursues the democratization of the use of artificial intelligence. Simple and effective tools that a company can use to improve its sales and optimize its marketing investment.

To give some examples, we have an intuitive and simple platform capable of generating AI models in just a few steps. Among its solutions we find the lead scoring option that, until now, has been assigned based on business rules. WiseS has the ability, through Artificial Intelligence, to analyze the lead in depth and assign it an exploitable sales probability for its treatment. It is therefore a sales-oriented AI platform. We also have another cutting-edge solution with which we are not only able to qualify the lead but also connect it with the most optimal agent to attend it according to the lead profile detected by the AI. We always guarantee the optimal channel to generate a sale.

What are the focus sectors of the Global ROI Hub?

Our methodology is applicable in any sector that requires sustained sales volume, in environments that are often competitive, such as telcos, utilities, banking/insurance, retail, automotive and education.

The latter is a very interesting sector for us because it has the characteristics we need: a large training offer available to the user and companies with the need to give a quick and accurate response to the user. Our proposal for them is to get leads with a high degree of qualification, which in the funnel are close to the purchase phase, treat them thanks to the processes of Lead tracking, Lead scoring… and nurture them before passing them to the sales agents. Finally, understanding the reasons for the purchase and the time frame in which the user makes the decision closes the circle. The combination of these variables allows us to achieve excellent results in terms of interested users and better conversion rates in all categories of training cycles.

Right now we are working with clients in both EMEA and Latin America with excellent results, which means that we have a deep understanding of the sales funnel and can provide easy-to-implement solutions with measurable and scalable results.

What is the Global ROI Hub team like and what are its next challenges?

It is an extension of how Walmeric has been working the last years: commitment, dedication and focus on results. Our team is multidisciplinary, from consulting and marketing profiles to technical profiles, with useful knowledge to leverage data and the benefits of AI application. They manage to understand the briefing quickly, land the business KPIs and establish a roadmap to reach the goal.

The team’s goal for the coming year is to continue relying on technology to create a model that allows us to add new products, new countries and new sales options. We are constantly A/B testing and developing actions to improve conversions, from forms of contact, such as WhatsApp, to the development of proprietary technology that will allow us to continue to be leaders in innovation.

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