How to contact your leads immediately and achieve more sales [Webinar]

We’re glad to announce our next webinar coming up next Wednesday 29 October at 6.30 pm (Madrid, Paris, Berlin), 12.30pm (New York).

You will learn how to contact your leads immediately and achieve more sales.
The immediate contacting of your leads, is the basement  to automate the managing system in order to authenticate and identificate each lead, to get in touch with each lead immediately.

1. Why every minute counts when its about time to call back your leads.

2. The effects of tacking to long to react.

3. Why inmediate contact is essential and how it can improve your sales.

4. What you can do to achieve that immediate contact and a better ROI in your campaigns.


Register here for what could be the most productive 30 minutes of your week.

UPDATE, now you can check out our presentation:

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