Digital revolution 4.0: towards conversational technology

Revolution 4.0 and conversational technology have opened up new opportunities within the digital sphere, transforming the way people interact in Internet.

During this last decade, we have all experienced several changes that have affected our daily habits, motivated by the impact of technology in our lives. Their inclusion and quick expansion have originated higher levels of immediacy, conectivity and personalization to users.

New communication opportunities

These changes have entailed a challenge, but also new opportunities for marketing and communication professionals.

At present we have a vast variety of channels to directly communicate with our leads and clients. This growth has entailed an increase in storable data and, therefore, a great opportunity to make use of that information to manage and optimize new acquisition and lead management strategies.

The arrival of revolution 4.0 and digital transformation has allowed communication professionals to get close to their audience. Now we are more capable than ever of knowing how they are, what they are interested in and how they want to communicate with us.

Conversational technology as digital transformative

Conversational technology, along with Artificial Intelligence – chatbots, bots, virtual assistants and voicebots -, has influenced the digital outlook to turn into  a transformation leverage and key evolution in terms of communication means.

Now we are able to establish closer conversations with our leads and clients, personalized and individualized due to progesses in digital transformation.

Artificial Intelligence has facilitated the acquisition and interpretation of conversations and data to make it feasible to direct our communications to the right people and on the right way.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows us to analyse conversations; acquire and interpret that data. Moreover, conversational technology gives us the opportunity to participate in those conversations on an effective way and with sparks of personalization, generating content and giving answers to requests that, due to a lack of resources, would remain ignored.

The most natural way of digital transformation: bots

Conversational technology is a natural way of including Artificial Intelligence and digital assests in our daily basis.

Our day-to-day is full of conversations maintained through electronic devices, we have gotten used to them. Because of that, conversational technology has been defined as a natural transition of communicational activities with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

Their application, as internal use for employees and external with leads and clients, permits to optimize resources and investment and develop more efficient processes that entail better results.

Currently, there are a lot of companies that aim for innovation, bring together bots, chatbots, voicebots and virtual assistants to gain competitive advantage within the market, due to the development of new contact channels.

The key lies in listening to our audience and adapting to what they claim, innovating and transforming the way in which we communicate with them.

Communication means within the Internet are changing. The lack of resources and the search for optimization has originated a rise in the use of solutions with conversational technology. Nowadays is very common that companies are inclined to experience the benefits of their use in person with a focus on automating actions and offering to leads and clients the best service.

Do you want to know how conversational technology can benefit your business? Let yourself be adviced by our experts.

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