Digitization of customer service

Last year, online shopping increased by 15% in Spain according to a study by The Economist. 2020 boils down to confinements, avoiding crowds and keeping interpersonal distance, three factors that made many people jump into doing all their shopping online.

The year 2021 is coming and we are starting to get back to our routine: we are going back to work in our offices, bars and stores are opening… Are our consumer practices coming back too? 61% of those surveyed by The Economist say they will maintain their shopping habits acquired over the past year and, moreover, 55% say they are more familiar with online shopping now than before the pandemic.

E-commerce vs. stores

Does this mean that establishments, offices, branches and stores are going to disappear? Not at all. Just 23% of respondents feel insecure or uncomfortable shopping in physical stores, although 49% prefer online shopping because of the convenience it brings. However, e-commerce cannot offer the same shopping experience as stores. The main advantage of physical shopping is the instant gratification of being able to take the product directly home and, secondly, the possibility of being able to assess the look and feel of a product.

Despite this, seeing the relevance that the online environment is gaining, companies have begun to reduce their physical spaces and are expanding their presence in the digital world. If the number of physical establishments decreases, what happens to the workers? Commercial agents in offices and commercial networks, experts in dealing with customers face-to-face, are now attending via telematics without that approach to which they were accustomed.

At Walmeric we are committed to a close and personalized attention as a key to improve sales. Therefore, we offer companies the possibility of providing their employees with tools that facilitate their customer service work and can be as similar as possible to what they were used to offer in physical stores.

Tools for the digitization of customer service

  • Smart Workplace. It is a platform that enables the management, processing and omnichannel and intelligent enrichment of all interactions between interested users and a company. It allows transferring the conversation to another team or agent and gives the possibility of sharing audiovisual materials and the screen itself.
  • Remote Lead Manager. Facilitates the management of contact requests at any time and from anywhere. It makes it possible to attend to leads with immediacy, complete traceability of conversions and collect all the information of the call to measure and optimize results.
  • Digital Call Context. It allows the agents to know the context of the lead they are attending to: their tracking, history if they have it and product recommendations according to an analysis of their profile with Artificial Intelligence.

If you want to know more about the digitalization of customer service and how Walmeric can help you, do not hesitate to contact us.

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