Distribute only hot leads to your sales team

Many leaders, from marketing or sales teams, choose to distribute every lead to their sales team without taking into account that this action could hurt their sales. In this post you will find three important reasons to deliver only HOT LEADS to sales team.

If you send every lead to sales team you are degrading the value of all leads. This means that you are mixing the hot leads with those that are not really interested in your service or product right now. Take your time and identify genuine interest from your leads. Scoring them and allow your sales team working on leads which are genuine prospects in the market.
Is going to be expensive working with every lead. Your sales team will spend time in every lead, so without the precision of lead qualification your sales executives may be wasting time and resources.
You will be behind your competitors in order to reach valid prospects. Nowadays speed matters in sales. Some of your prospects are signaling that they are ready to buy, and some others need more information. Each one of these leads needs to be contacted, but your sales team needs to contact with those who are ready to buy.

EBOOK-How-to-get-qualified-leadsSome practices like lead scoring will help you to avoid wasting money and time. Lead scoring qualifies your leads and takes every part of known data, about your prospect, and applies analytics to determine the potential value of each lead.  This will allow your sales teams to decide which ones to pursue.  But lead scoring not only guides sales team what leads to go after, it also reduces the cost per lead by improving the way to reach the most qualified leads and eliminating the least. In addition, this process provides to marketing team data based on past results that tell them who to target in order to keep the pipeline filled with the most potential leads.

As you can see,   lead management platforms are crucial for businesses. With Delio you will be able to de fine your sales rules by product or service and to determine when your leads are ready to be sent to your sales group, minimizing costs and increasing sales.

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