Do you know how to generate lead nurturing campaigns to get 100% of your leads?

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We do, and we do it on a success by results model.

The concept of “lead nurturing” is probably familiar to you if you are constantly looking for ways to extend the useful life of the contacts interested in your product and this is one of the ideal solutions to get the maximum potential out of the lead.

Leads go through a process called “lead life cycle” that goes from their acquisition to the closing of the sale or lead nurturing. At this stage is where we can contact the person again and offer an alternative according to their needs.

Lead nurturing allows you to design personalized actions, according to the needs and interests of each lead, through calls, SMS or email to favor the closing of those leads that were not converted in the first attempt. It is also possible to automate upselling and/or cross-selling actions according to the steps followed by each lead in the sales process.

How to execute a lead nurturing strategy?

From Global ROI Hub we want to give you a series of steps for your nurturing campaign to be successful, always remembering the important role played by omnichannel applied in our incremental sales model that will allow us to meet the user’s demand for information request and at the same time increase the likelihood of conversion to sale.

The steps are as follows:

1.Define your buyer persona

Having a deep understanding of your target is the basis of a successful nurturing strategy. Ask yourself questions such as: What topics are they interested in? What problem are they trying to solve? This will allow you to optimally impact your target audience.

2. Collects data 

It is said that he who has data has power, and in this case it is the same. The more information you have about your customers, the more personalized and effective your messages will be.

3. Generate valuable content 

Create content that can generate a plus for your customers, generating attractive content not only to nurture this database but also to position yourself as an expert in the field, which will ultimately create trust on the part of the user towards the company. All of the above together will make you be in the lead’s top of mind when he/she is ready to make a purchase decision.

4. Be clear about your workflow

Design a step-by-step flow of marketing activities, this will allow the process to be controlled and executed in an automated way.

5. Improve and adjust according to the metrics you obtain 

Once you have the flow in place, it is important to continuously follow up to improve what is not working or maintain what is generating good results.

Are you ready to apply a lead nurturing strategy? Don’t invest more in digital marketing, let us work on your leads and convert them into sales.

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Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter.

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