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In this edition we had the opportunity to sit down with Irene Medina, Global Partnerships Manager at Walmeric. We wanted to understand the benefits of being a partner of Walmeric, a company that has a market share of over 70%, with an intentional presence and an ambitious growth plan for the coming years. What are the goals for 2023? Continue reading to find out more.

1. What does the Walmeric Partner Program consist of?

The Walmeric Partner Program is an international initiative aimed at consulting firms, digital agencies and contact centers seeking to improve their clients’ results.

We have been providing innovative technology in the Assisted Sales Market for more than 15 years, which has allowed us to optimize marketing investment and improve sales for top-tier companies (Ibex35, EuroStoxx50 and FTSE100) in various sectors, such as automotive, banking, energy, telecommunications, insurance, education, tourism and retail.

In the last year alone, our platforms have managed a volume of more than 70 million business leads, which equates to sales worth around 3.5 billion euro for our clients.

2. Could you tell us a little more about the benefits of being a Walmeric partner?

Becoming a Walmeric partner will be very beneficial for those looking to be at the forefront of marketing optimization and conversion-to-sales technology. By joining our program, partners recieve training and support to incorporate our technology solutions into their B2C propositions.

In addition, they enjoy recognition and visibility among potential customers by adding our technology to their product portfolio, enabling them to offer more cutting-edge products to differentiate from competitors. This also helps to leverage their own marketing, advertising and sales services, resulting in increased revenue streams with new training, consulting and implementation services.

On the other hand, as a result of the implementation of our technology, their clients get actionable data and a platform that allows them to activate it with actions, achieving not only ROI from their advertising campaigns, but also automated optimization of their audiences and campaigns, to improve their results.

3. Now we understand the benefits. How does Walmeric’s technology help in sales processes for large companies?

Walmeric’s technology, specifically Lead to Revenue Management (L2RM), has proven to be very effective in assisted sales processes for large companies, as demonstrated in the case of a major telecommunications company we work with.

In this case, the brand was looking to improve the efficiency and ROI of its campaigns, as well as increase lead quality and lead-to-customer conversions. To achieve this, we implemented L2RM technology in the brand’s different sales channels, enriching Facebook Lead Ads data with offline sources, such as the Contact Center, to generate higher quality leads.

In addition, we performed real-time integration of the brand’s CRM with Facebook’s offline conversions API, which allowed for real-time updating and delivery optimization of campaigns on the social network.

Thanks to these strategies, the brand achieved top-quality conversions through lead conversion targeting and the Offline Conversions API. The results were very satisfactory, as the conversion rate increased by 35% compared to regular campaigns, and the cost per qualified lead decreased by 5%.

4. What are your plans for the Partner program in 2023?

This year we will expand our program to new markets and continue to offer innovation applied to sales, with tangible improvements as a result of bringing together data from different ecosystems and from the online and offline environment, in an easy and secure way.

In addition to this, we are also looking for our partners to consider us as part of their team so that they can offer complete and customized solutions to their customers. This means working together to create solutions that adapt to the specific needs of each client and help improve the efficiency of the journey from acquisition to conversion.

But the biggest challenge is to continue to develop innovative products and build strong relationships with our partners to help them maximize their potential and that of their customers in an increasingly competitive, interconnected and complex world.

Our Partners sucess is our sucess!

If you want to know more about Walmeric and its international partner program click here. 

Originally published in the Global ROI Hub (GRH) newsletter.

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