Don’t miss a sale! Automate your contacting process

Imagine the situation. Your company invests a lot of money and effort to get leads and data from people who have an interest in your products or services. These leads need to be filteredqualified and finally contacted, a complex process which uses up a lot resources. If the entire process is managed by a team of people (Call Center, Sales Team…) you might have a problem that is more frequent than you think: a considerable portion of these leads are wasted. Nobody contacts them while they are “hot”, or even worse, they are left uncontacted.

The waste could add up to 40% of all leads in some sectors, according to our own experience. Why does it happen? In Delio we call it “human factor”.  The task of contacting leads requires a lot of perseverance and patience, and people often have to do this along with other tasks at the same time. The result is that contacting the lead gets delayed or the interest is gone by the time the lead is contacted.

The solution: managing your leads in a systematized and automated way

EBOOK-What-to-do-to-avoid-losing-leads-and-sales-opportunitiesNow imagine a system to which you could entrust the integral management of the contact process with your leads. An automated Lead management system capable of calling each lead and putting the call through to your Call Center or sales force only once it is sure there is an interested person on the phone. A system that will call again if the lead does not answer. A system able to contact anyone even at nightime or during the weekend with information on when the lead will be contacted.  All of it done in an automated, constant and persistent way. Imagine all the sales you could make out of the leads left unattended until now.

Delio offers you this system so you don’t miss a sale again. Learn more about how to make the most of all your sales opportunities here.

Originally published in our blog Delio

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