Entrevista a Diana Fontinha, Business Intelligence Manager de Walmeric


This week we talk to Diana Fontinha, Business Intelligence Manager, who reflects on her work as a leader at Walmeric and the path that has led her to where she is now. Don’t miss her!


1. What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a leader and how did you overcome it?

Having a team is a constant challenge and a daily learning process that demands a lot when you really get involved: Listening, giving feedback (positive and negative), trying to help them grow, but also the other side of the less nice coin which is in demanding, pulling the cart and above all making decisions that are not always easy but necessary. So far, the most difficult one has undoubtedly been the decision to fire someone. I think the balance between all these responsibilities and not limping in any of them is difficult to find but I always try to think about what I think is best and fairest for the whole team.


2. How would you describe the impact your role has on the company and the work team?

My impact on the company began by talking directly with the client, establishing a strong bond of trust that is maintained to this day and an orderly management of all their requests. But currently my impact is more through my team, which I strive to train as quickly as possible so that they can suddenly be generating value in their accounts, both for the client and for the team. I give them responsibilities that of course burden me with more responsibilities, but I believe it is the most effective way to grow and learn. Today, the best way for me to feel recognized within the company is to be praised by my team 😉


3. What is your long-term vision for your career in the company?

I would like the Business Intelligence team to gradually bring more and more tangible value to all Walmeric customers. I strongly believe that knowledge of data is essential to visualize the impact of the actions taken by companies, and that the insights from them are the ones that can help make the best strategic decisions in the long term. My goal is that the team can continue to grow as it has done so far and that I will continue to be up to the task of assuming the responsibility that comes with it.


4. What advice would you give to other women aspiring to leadership positions in the company?

Well, in my team so far we were only women, but recently we became a mix 🙂

So my advice is the same that I frequently give to my work team: For a company to value you we need to bring value (as in relationships haha, always add up) and make ourselves essential (not irreplaceable, as that doesn’t exist). That for me means to be able to acquire all the knowledge possible to be our best version at a professional level, to have some spirit of sacrifice, to be committed to our word and then to share all that with the maximum number of colleagues possible since this is always about teamwork and when you give you also receive 🙂 I believe that in all this path, it is important to have self-confidence and believe in yourself, so that others can also believe and trust you.

Diana Fontinha, Business Intelligence Manager at Walmeric

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