Facebook Click-to-Call Ads: what do you need to know

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59% of users choose to make a phone call to get a quick response and brands must be where, when and how users need them. That’s why in 2007 we introduced our Call me Now application and shortly after Google announced its Click-to-Call ads and extensions. And now, Facebook opens its version of Click-to-Call for all advertisers. What should you know about this contact option for your social media campaigns?

Previously, the social network allowed to include the “Call now” button for local business ads, under the awareness objective. However, for the rest, the Click-to-Call functionality has made us wait and now it is, with the traffic objective.

Certainly the increase in channels and the omnichannel strategies of the brands could lead to think that it is a channel in disuse, however phone calls are still the most valuable and qualified source of leads for companies, converting on average 30% faster than web leads spend 28% more and have a 28% higher retention rate.

What are the main benefits of Facebook Click-to-Call Ads?

Facebook Click-to-Call Ads offer an immediate contact solution for companies in the automotive, healthcare, home services, travel, financial services and insurance industries with the advantages of the social network (segmentation, automation, attribution and online-offline optimization)

The implementation of Click to Call, Call Me Back and Call Me Now solutions allows to shorten the customer journey and thus increase conversions, reduce acquisition costs and obtain advantages over competitors.

What are Facebook Click-to-Call Ads?

As in other Paid Media campaigns with a traffic objective, Facebook allows optimizing the performance of the campaigns based on the results obtained for a specific destination be a website, an app, an event, a Messenger chat or, in this case, a phone call.

Click-to-Call ads are only available for mobile devices and can be configured for different placements: Facebook News Feed, Facebook Stories, Marketplace, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories and Live Shopping.

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Once the ad has been approved, your target users will see the ad with the “Call now” button and if they click on it, the phone dialer will open with the established destination so that they can call your company.

Tip: remember to schedule your ads so that they are only shown at the right time, during your business hours or during your Call Center hours, so the experience will be optimal.

How to know the real results of your Click-to-Call campaigns on Facebook?

In the Results section of the Facebook Ads Manager you will be able to see the number of users who have clicked on your ad, but not those who actually made the call since they can leave the screen without calling. If you want to delve into those users who actually called your company, then you are interested in our Call tracking solution.

Thanks to Walmeric Call Tracking, you will be able to learn more about the leads that clicked on that ad, so that you can analyze the real result, optimize your marketing investment, and create new audiences and segments. Find out more about its benefits in “Why is Call Tracking essential to marketing and sales?

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