Favouring lead conversion through dynamic telephone numbers

Leads acquisition is key for business development in any company. However, acquiring leads will not be efficient by itself, it is also important to optimize conversion procedures.

In every commercial conversation with a client, we think which one would be the best way to offer an ideal treatment to users and, therefore, favour conversion. Consequently, a key factor here is to direct each lead to their optimal conversion point.

How do we achieve that? The solution is the use of dynamic telephone numbers.

Ringpool: Towards the optimal conversion point

Ringpool bases on the assignment of dynamic telephone numbers to users. Hence, it shows each lead a different telephone number, which makes possible to connect calls, tracking and conversions to specific leads.

In previous posts, we highlighted the importance of Ringpool in the personalization and contextualization of sales speeches. For the reason that offering users a close and personal treatment provides value to the sale.

As part of this purpose, dynamic numbers, or Ringpool, can direct leads to their optimal conversion point, achieving a mutually benefitial relationship between leads and commercial agents.

All the deposit of dynamic telephone numbers are shared among website and landing pages. Being dynamic numbers, it is possible to collect all leads tracking in form of labels.

Likewise, it allows to direct leads to their optimal conversion point taking into account their origin, landing page utms and the url they come from.

The fact of directing leads to specific commercial agents taking into account lead’s interests provides value to the sale. As a result, once we know lead’s origin, interests and intention, it is possible to define where we want the lead to be looked after.

Even more, let’s imagine that a lead that lands in a website coming from a campaign focused on cruises. Ringpool can collect the tracking prior to the call and use it to direct the lead to the commercial force specialized in cruises.

Value beyond lead conversion

Directing leads to their optimal conversion point is not the only value that dynamic telephone numbers provide.

Accordingly, Ringpool permits to:

1. Understand which campaigns and sources provide with a higher volume of qualified leads.

2. Discover which products and services your leads are more interested in.

3. Gather lead information prior to the call allowing commercial agents to personalize sales speech.

4. Combine information about online tracking and offline call.

5. Analyse calls in real time.

6. Achieve all conversions information thanks to a complete integration with analytic tools.

7. Acquire visibility about athe attribution model.

Would you like to test each one of the benefits associated to the use of Ringpool? Walmeric can help you.

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