Get to know the user’s digital footprint to boost your sales


The device fingerprint is a set of data extracted from the user’s device that allows the user to be uniquely identified.

The digital footprint refers to all the data left by the user when browsing the Internet, both declared (when filling in the fields of a form) and undeclared (when we visit a website we are giving our IP and with it our geographical location, the operating system of our device, age, sex,… to name just some of the data shared). The Spanish Data Protection Agency defines it as “systematic collection of information about a specific remote device with the aim of identifying it, singling it out and, in this way, being able to track the user’s activity with the purpose of profiling it”.

 By knowing this information, companies can get to know the user better, which will allow them to know what product to offer, when and how, which will translate into a conversion to a sale.

“We have designed a sales model whose success is based on the correct use of the information collected on each lead and how, through technology, we can interpret this data to improve the performance of the campaign,” explains Beatriz de Tena, business director of GRH.

The digital footprint is one of the main pillars of the model and allows us:

1. Knowing which keywords were used in the search, which will help create a probabilistic model with those that convert more or less and create an accurate attribution model.
2. Knowing each of the touch points with the brand will allow sales agents to have a context and personalize the sales pitch.
3. By collecting data from users, a profile can be created and subsequent actions can be taken, such as displaying targeted advertisements to them.

At Walmeric we have developed a results-based success model, Global ROI Hub, specifically designed to increase sales by relying on technology. Thanks to all of the above, the model is nourished with the information collected on the lead to obtain better conversions to sales, customers with a higher average ticket and customers who stay longer with the brand.

In short, thanks to the digital footprint we can know almost in first person the interested user, which translates into better sales.

If you want to learn more about the digital footprint and the incremental sales model, GRH, contact us!

Originally published in our Global ROI Hub newsletter. 

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