Getting the most from Artificial Intelligence: Walmeric chatbot

Artificial intelligence and its application to online assisted sales and transactions is becoming a relevant topic. One of the main reasons is the tight relationship with the importance of the concept ‘omnichannel’, as well as the increase of communication means – chatbot in this case – in which having an agent behind it is not necessary anymore.

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are two concepts usually taken into account by companies that develop digital strategies within their business plan. In particular, chatbot is the perfect example of the application of artificial intelligence to written communication means, which interaction possibilities are worthy of consideration.

With the increasing importance of instant messaging – found in applications such as Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp – , the automation of conversations becomes key to accelerate sales processes.

Case study: Walmeric chatbot

Efficiently treating every single lead that arrives to a  website while trying to opimize resources is not an easy task: response times and quality could be affected by work volume. This is why Walmeric decided to develop a chatbot, which enables any company to qualify their leads prior to make use of a real agent.

Since 2017, one of our clients, leading company within the telecommunications industry, uses Walmeric chatbot as part of its digital sales and marketing strategies. 

With two goals in mind, omnichannel and leads filtering, our advice to them was to apply artificial intelligence to its sales methodology.

Opening a new automated communication channel has entailed a great change to its Lead Management strategy, getting a considerable ROI optimization.

By means of artificial intelligence, Walmeric chatbot qualifies leads to transfer them, when it is more convenient for each lead, to a specialized sales agent, via phone or chat, in order to let him/her offer the key sales argument to close the sale.

Implemented in its online store, its chatbot is able to initiate a conversation with any user to, once the offer has been accepted – which means that a lead has been qualified – transfer it to a sales agent.

In addition, walmeric included a multifunction button to, after having received information in the online environment, a lead could decide to terminate the buying process by phone with a sales agent if they need to whenever they want to. By this mean, it is possible to get the lead’s tracking, from its online creation until its offline conversion.

Speaking of the results obtained, this leading telecommunications company, has experimented a ROI increment and a resources optimization. The leads filtering done by the chatbot optimized the number of usable leads; being on a 38% last march.

Walmeric keeps evolving by means of artificial intelligence, optimizing its clients resources and entailing an improvement on their procedure methodologies.

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