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This week I interview Sergio Moreno, Managing Director of DDIBI, a company that belongs to t2ó, with 15 years of experience in digital sales and digital optimization of sales processes.

Today’s companies are constantly on the lookout for growth. The focus is especially on being able to increase sales and discover new blue oceans in which our brand can meet the demands of gaining new, profitable and loyal customers. Walmeric has created an incremental sales lab called the Global ROI Hub that combines the best of the performance and technology worlds, resulting in a 3X increase in sales.

I asked Sergio to tell us why his methodology allows us to achieve more sales and make them more efficient: At DDIBI they work on campaigns at the lowest possible CPA, they frequently find new fishing grounds to generate interested customers and they multiply X3 the sales of large companies in different industries both in EMEA and Latin America.

How can I get the most out of my online marketing strategy?

The first thing is to be clear about the objective and what we want to achieve. From there define what media mix is the most optimal and how we are going to measure the results. Another important point within the strategy must be how we are going to communicate in each of the channels, bearing in mind that we are working on performance marketing. We often see that creativity, messages or landings are not given the importance they have, and for us it can be a differential value to get the most out of the advertising investment, which will allow us to correctly apply performance marketing.

You mentioned “performance marketing”, what is it and why are customers increasingly demanding it?

With the evolution that has taken place in online marketing, more and more companies want to focus their campaigns on performance marketing, or in other words, to focus them on business results, for example, generating sales. We are evolving towards a model in which it is no longer enough to achieve maximum notoriety: every euro invested must have an impact on the client’s bottom line.

sergio moreno, managing director de dibbi, y beatriz de tena, directora de unidad de negocio de walmeric

Sergio Moreno, Managing Director of DIBBI, and Beatriz de Tena, Business Unit Director of Walmeric.

What optimization techniques do you use to improve results?

In order to optimize campaigns, it is essential to have the traceability of the leads and to know what happens with each one of them in order to balance the investment to those campaigns that are having the best conversion and cost. This knowledge is a fundamental pillar for campaign optimization. Walmeric’s technology is the essential strategic partner that helps us to optimize with the minimum possible granularity.

When you mention traceability I understand that this is directly linked to technology, how does it help you to sell? Would it be possible to work without this type of tools?

In our daily work, technology is essential to achieve results for our clients. We do not understand campaigns that do not apply technology, it is like missing the most important part of the movie, and going blindly in the optimization in real time.

Technology helps us to identify each user with their browsing history and relevant data such as city, type of device… helps us to assign a % of propensity to purchase and facilitates intelligent routing to sales channels. In addition, it allows us to have an attribution model to know where to invest the next euro with guarantees of success.

Finally, I would like to ask you about how you approach the new reality of payment by results. What has been the solution you have provided to the large companies you work with?

The solution we offer our clients is to carry out end to end campaigns always looking for the best result for them, assuming the investment risk and providing them with value so that they understand how their brand behaves in digital channels. It is logical to think that the client wants to pay less and less for the execution of the work and focus on a payment by results.

DDIBI is part of the stakeholders with whom we make our incremental sales model a reality, generating efficient, predictable and scalable sales. In such a changing ecosystem it is necessary to have a team with the latest trends, very knowledgeable of the digital ecosystem and with a clear focus on results.

For more information about Global ROI Hub, the incremental sales model, click here. 

Originally published in our Global ROI Hub (GRH) Newsletter. 

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