Google Lead form extension: What is it and what are the benefits?

Lead Form extension for Google search ads is already available in beta for some marketing and sales professionals. What is it? What are the benefits related to the use of this new form extension for potential clients?

How does it work? This extension adds to your Google search ads a CTA that encourages customers to take an action, for example, would you like more information? or download our catalog! Once a user clicks, a form opens gathering all declared lead information, gclid, campaign id and ad group id.

What do I get? You could, within a period of 30 days, export that leads’ list (via CSV) to upload it to your CRM or import leads automatically to your system by using Walmeric’s solution.

Once you have exported your leads’ list, it is time to: treat them and manage them efficiently in order to get a conversion to sale.

Advertising concerns

Any method that shortens the user path, since they click until they convert into a lead, is welcome to all sales and marketing departments. This is probably because it entails higher volume of leads and less cost per lead.

However, professional concerns in shortening customer journey are related to the quality of those leads. When registering becomes easy to any user, the possibilities of generating leads with a low level of interest increases, and so, sales probability drops.

Therefore, how could I take the most out of those leads?

How to manage your leads to favour sale conversion

Prioritizing high quality leads: when a high volume of leads is generated, offering a good service to all of them becomes difficult. Why should you employ resources in leads without a clear intention to buy when, possibly, you could have others with a more clear predisposition?

Knowing the quality, meaning, conversion probability, of each of your leads, will help you to prioritize their contact.

Making use of a Lead Scoring strategy, it is possible to assign a score to each lead regarding their intention to buy. In this way, it is feasible to carry out an efficient  manner to contact those leads, according to their conversion probability.

Optimizing leads’ contact manners: once it has been clarified which leads should be prioritized, how would you get a conversion from those users? It is important to definy the optimal way to manage them.

Having gathered each lead essential information and due to the use of Match 360 it is possible to connect each lead with the agent that, according to history, has higher probability of closing the sale.

According to that statement, you will be able to filter all leads to detect those with higher quality/interest and contact them before their interest decreases. Moreover, you will increase the probability of lead conversion by adapting the treatment to their needs and specific situation.

Taking the most out of data for retargeting actions: it is possible that the volume of leads transferred to your CRM is enormous. Moreover, there are high chances that from all your contactable leads, most of them do not convert to sale. How do we take the most out of those potential leads?

You should launch actions to increase the interest of leads not converted at a first attempt with Lead Nurturing. On the same way, you will be able to automate personalized cross-selling and up-selling actions according to the steps taken by each of your leads along the sales process.

The new Google Ads extension to generate leads along with Walmeric’s technology will allow you to detect those leads that add value to your business and to take the most out of their potential. Do you dare to try it?

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