Google My Business as a sales and loyalty channel

Users search for your company from their devices, they want to go, know and buy. The question is: do they find you when, how and where they need you? Businesses, offices or travel agencies have seen an increase in local searches and the need to offer specific information based on their location.

Why take Google My Business into account in your digital sales and loyalty strategy? Every day 32.6M of Spaniards surf the Internet, in 84.27% of cases their preferred search engine is Google (netmarketshare) and 80% declare that their smartphone is decisive in the search for information and to compare prices, products and points of sale, according to IAB Spain.

The advantages of GMB

Google My Business makes it possible to attract customers by positioning companies in the local searches of the Mountain View company’s search engine and Maps, while favoring quick and easy interaction: checking the opening hours, their phone number to call, directions on how to get there, Website access, review query, the most recent photos and even allows you to book an appointment, all with a single click or voice query with Google Assistant.

Every month billions of these searches are carried out, in fact 82% of users acknowledge searching “near to me”, to find out and decide, where to dine, where to stay if they are traveling or which bank / insurance branch / travel office is the closest. And in 97%, that decision will come after reading some of the reviews of local companies, which in the case of GMB may include text, images and a star rating (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐).


The more positive reviews, the greater relevance and better positioning or local SEO in Google. However, remember that while a satisfied customer comments with three acquaintances on their positive experience, a dissatisfied customer will speak ill of it to at least ten people or, in this case, publish it on your profile, expanding its scope.

Good or bad, did you know that users consider responding companies to be x1.7 more reliable than those that do not according to Ipsos Connect / Google? It provides transparency and can also clarify future doubts to other users, improving the perception and image of your brand.

How can you help businesses with multiple locations?

Google transfers its control of local information to companies with its GMB profile, thus ensuring that the information it shows in its results is up to date (or automatically updated with Google Duplex, its voice assistant with AI for reservations, as it has recognized do during CoVid-19).

It also involves opening an extra commercial or after-sales channel that offers constantly innovative functionalities useful in sales and loyalty, and that allow us to be closer to customers:

Facilitates direct contact through: phone call, email or messaging (SMS or Whatsapp).

Review and response to customer reviews or questions.

Management of appointments / reservations and availability.

Information about products and services.

Posting photos or videos of the local / branch.

If your business has hundreds of comments per day, you may need the support of a technology partner like Walmeric. We help you to manage and optimize the interaction with your clients in an efficient way, discover how the potential clients that connect with your company are (online and offline attribution) and detect sales or loyalty opportunities.

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