How to adapt your online investment? Marketing Automation for leads qualification

If we ask any Marketing & Sales team about how they would like their tasks or proccesses to be, they would probably say: more efficient, quicker and capable of generating more sales. But, how to achieve that?

A 67% of B2B marketing professionals confirmed that Marketing Automation had generated an increase of a 10% in sales opportunities by means of lead generation and nurturing.

Marketing Automation allows to design automated lead qualification processes by means of a software tool.

On average, using Marketing Automation solutions has meant an increase of a 14’5% in sales productivity and a 12’2% in cost reduction.

How does automated lead qualification help us?

The exponential increase of all of that data that can be gathered caused qualification methods to overflow. This difficulty, caused the necessity of finding more efficient methods to qualify leads: How could we qualify our leads on a more automated way?

By means of solutions such as Lead Scoring, you can gather leads’ and website navigation details of each acquired lead and qualify them on an automated way. By gathering labels with leads’ data it is possible to predict the probability of conversion of each of them.

By automating leads qualification it is possible to allocate those leads with less conversion probability to a lower cost transformation channel, using the ones with a higher cost for those leads with higher purchase intention.

Moreover, if this is not done through automation, how could you detect those leads that have a higher interest or those who will bring more revenue to prioritize their treatment?

Lead Scoring allows you to organize your leads in order to assist on the first place those with higher purchase intention, but also to select the most appropriate channel according to that conversion probability.

Which are the benefits of marketing automation?

From their development, Marketing Automation solutions have entailed several benefits, broadening the list with each new task that can be developed quicker and more efficiently:

1. The possibility to carry out diverse marketing processes that on a different way would be more difficult or impossible to accomplish.

2. An increase in leads obtained in less time.

3. A quicker and more precise users’ qualification .

4. An increase in the level of efficiency and effectiveness of those actions carried out with those leads.

5. Time optimization, allowing us to allocate it on other different activities.

6. Advertising investment optimization per action accomplished.

7. An obtaining of better results.

8. Real-time monitoring of those results.

9. A more exhaustive control, offering the possibility to react immediatelly in the face of actions that do not bring the expected results.

10. Reinforcement when deducing conclusions and making decisions.

Automation is a fundamental base in marketing. Resources and investment optimization becomes more accessible by offering to these professionals tools to develop their daily tasks more efficiently, entailing more satisfactory results.

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